2 New Polls Reveals Citizens’ Unhappiness With Biden & Democrats

The Biden government just dropped by 8 points in the President’s approval rating. The poll that was held clearly displayed the sudden drop in points within a week. This is a matter of concern for Biden if he wants to hold office for the longest period.

Citizens are disappointed with the overall performance of the newly elected President. As per the results of the newest poll, the citizens expressed their feelings about President Biden and his congressional Democrats. It clearly stated that a majority of the voters think that the government is doing less work in Washington and failing to meet the citizen’s expectations. 

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At the same time, a different poll was put up this week and the results weren’t in favor of the President. This has been the lowest point of Biden’s approval rating. It has marked the newest low in his entire span of the presidency. 

Briefing of Poll

The poll was conducted by Morning Consult and Politico on Dec 18-20. Almost 41% of voters claimed that congressional Democrats did less compared to what they expected. But 32% of voters were still supporting and made it clear that the government has accomplished as per their expectations.

On the other hand, 10% were beyond satisfied with the government and voted for ‘accomplished more than expected’.

When it is about Biden and his work towards meeting the goals of his voters, the results weren’t that different. As many as 42% believe that Biden has not met their expectations and could have performed better. Only 11% claimed to receive more than their expectations whereas around 38% said that Biden performed and achieved according to their expectations.

Struggle of Biden

The poll is inactive now but the results seem to have hit hard. The Biden government is already struggling to manage the multitude of problems. The administration is finding it hard to fight Americans’ fear of inflation. Amidst all this chaos, the omicron variant has led to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in America.

It has been heard that the government will be reinstating the protocols of 2020 for both businesses as well as governments. This is expected to help in lowering the cases by manifolds. 


Besides, Biden’s Build Back Better plan is currently killed due to the disapproval of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. The BBB Act was supposed to improve the social safety net. This could have been a step towards the development of America’s social health and would have also helped to combat the drastic environmental changes. Undoubtedly, this would have won votes for Biden. But Manchin’s disagreement totally changed the scenario.

As per the new findings conducted by NPR/ PBS News Hour/ Marist College Study, only 41% now agree and appreciate Biden’s work towards the nation.

In the poll prior to this latest one, 55% disapproved of Biden’s performance and 44% of the citizens voted for strongly disapproved. 

Further reports revealed by PBS show that 95% of Republicans are not satisfied with Biden’s current performance. On the other hand, there are 87% of voters from his party are happy with Biden’s work. Since the time Biden was appointed as President, the disapproval number has increased by six points.

As a whole, Biden has faced an almost 30 points increase and it has been a massive hike from his inauguration day. After a proper scrutinization, it is seen that only 29% of the independents are currently in support of President Joe Biden.

In this situation, Biden has to do a lot of work to win back the trust of his voters.  

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