47 Republicans Join Democrats in the House of Representatives to Pass a Marriage Equality Bill

A total of 267 senators voted in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act, with all 157 Democrats and 47 Republicans in favor. Seven Republican senators did not cast ballots.

It was reported on Tuesday (local time) that the US House of Representatives had passed a bill protecting marriage equality in the face of concerns that the Supreme Court might reverse its recognition of same-sex marriage.

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47 Republicans Join Democrats

The Respect for Marriage Act was approved by a vote of 267 to 157, with 47 Republicans joining all Democrats in support of the legislation. Seven Republican senators did not cast ballots. 

47 Republicans Join Democrats House of Representatives Marriage Equality Bill
47 Republicans Join Democrats House of Representatives Marriage Equality Bill

The bill will now be voted on in the Senate, where its chances of passage are uncertain due to the chamber’s near parity. The number of Republican votes needed to bring the bill to the floor is 10, and the Democrats hold 50 seats in the Senate.

To safeguard LGBTQ rights in the event that the Supreme Court decides to chip away at the two cases in the future, House Democrats introduced and brought the Respect for Marriage Act to the floor for a vote.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision, the House passed two bills last week to safeguard women’s access to abortion.

On Tuesday, during debate on the House floor, bill sponsor Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said that the legislation would “reaffirm that marriage equality is and must remain the law of the land” and that marriage equality “is and should forever be considered settled law.”

When he said, “All married people who are building their lives together must know that the government will respect and recognize their marriages for all time,” he meant it.

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