7 Tips to DRAMATICALLY Improve in COLD WAR

Are you eager to win at Black Ops Cold War? Not sure how exactly you are going to make really good progress in the game? Well, Black Ops Cold War is one such game that has taken the entire gaming community by a storm. The game has a unique multiplayer mode and is a lot more exciting than other games of its genre. It also provides you with a higher time to kill and other interesting features. This makes it super exciting and interesting. However, the game is quite difficult to play for a beginner. So, here we have come up with a few fundamental tips and tricks that will allow you to improve your gaming skills.

Tip #1. Make use of the map:

In any kind of modern warfare game, it is very important for you to have a really good knowledge of the map. This is especially important for all games. Although remembering every aspect of the map may seem to be really overwhelming at the beginning, but you will be able to pick up the routes and power positions, and gradually, you will also be able to mark the locations of all your teammates on the map. This is a really good way of getting good progress in the game. Try to figure out the populated areas on the map as well as this can make a huge difference between success and defeat. You can also visit Battlelog to know more about the game.

Tip #2. Try to stay calm and composed:

Since the map in Cold War is very small, you require to stay calm and composed as there will be a lot of players within a very small area and they can sprint on you at any moment. This makes you really vulnerable and prone to mistakes. So, do not be overreactive as it can spoil your gameplay quite easily. Try to follow a completely composed attitude. Take calculated moves and stick to your decisions rather than exposing your impulses.

Tip #3. Always be stealthy:

It is very important for you to remain hidden from your enemies at all times during your game.  This is the reason why you require being stealthy while you are playing your game. Move around stealthily on the map and avoid yourself from getting noticed by the enemies. Always try to take cover whenever you are moving around in the map. It is also quite imperative for you to hide your location after you kill any enemy. Try to puzzle your enemies by being really crafty while shooting them. You should also try sliding around the map this is going to keep you concealed at all times and your enemies will have a really tough time finding you

Tip #4. Use your weapons properly:

The game of Cold War comes with multiple weapons. Each of these weapons has its own set of features and functions and you need to be aware of all these features before you can actually call yourself a pro at this game. You should try to know when exactly you are going to use a particular weapon. Using the wrong weapons repeatedly will not improve your gameplay in any way and your enemies are definitely going to take advantage of it. You can also sometimes try experimenting with weapons to improve your game.

Tip #5. Follow a strategy:

You need to have a really good strategy if you want to become a pro at the cold war. The strategy that you define for yourself should not be blindly taken from other players. It should be something that makes you an even better player. You should try to play to your strengths and make yourself stronger in the game. You should also watch other players while they are playing and acquire experience from it.

Tip #6. Continuously relocate:

Do not stay at a particular location on the map for a prolonged duration of time. Instead, try to relocate every now and then. This will confuse your enemies about your current location in the game. You can also try to slide and crawl while moving to different locations on the map. This is going to make you a better player and your chances of survival will also increase.

Tip #7. Try pre-aiming:

Pre-aiming is a really good way to win at Cold War. If your enemy is spotted by any of your team members, then pre-firing is much. However, each of the members of your team should be pre-aiming using common sightlines. This is going to stop you from wasting your weapons. You will also be able to acquire success at a very early stage of the game.

And this is how you can dramatically improve your gameplay at Cold War. For further information on the Black Ops Cold War game, you can connect with us. Make sure to use all the tips mentioned above and improve your play in Cold War.

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