Reinventing Search With A New AI-Powered Microsoft Bing And Edge Your Web Copilot

Today, we’re boosting the world’s benefit from the web by reimagining the tools billions of people use every day: the search engine and the browser, to empower people to unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation, and better harness the world’s knowledge.

The preview version of the brand new Bing search engine and Edge browser, powered by artificial intelligence, is now online at The new features it introduces include improved search, more comprehensive answers, a revamped chat feature, and the opportunity to generate content.

We consider these resources as an artificial intelligence sidekick for navigating the web. Microsoft CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella predicted that AI would profoundly impact the software industry, beginning with the largest category of them all, search.

To help users get more out of search and the web, “today we’re unveiling Bing and Edge powered by AI copilot and chat.” Around 5 billion of the daily 10 billion searches yield no results. Why? Because nowadays, individuals utilise to search for tasks for which it was never intended.

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The Ai Search Engine Race Begins As Microsoft Enters The Fray

Recent months have been challenging for the tech sector. Tens of thousands of jobs have been destroyed, hundreds of billions have been wiped off the value of Wall Street, and a major crisis at a cryptocurrency firm has undermined investor confidence in the industry.

Tuesday, though, was a day of bravado at the conference centre of Microsoft’s massive headquarters. Microsoft’s executives and engineers, in collaboration with those at a small research lab called OpenAI, have introduced a new internet search engine and web browser that employ the next generation of artificial intelligence technology, which many in the industry see as pivotal to its future.

Since OpenAI debuted a chatbot named ChatGPT two months ago, millions of people have been fascinated by this new artificial intelligence. The tech industry got a shot of adrenaline from ChatGPT, which could answer queries and write poetry and riff on practically any topic thrown its way right amid the industry’s worst job contraction in at least 15 years.

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