Is A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date Status CONFIRMED By Prime Video?

Clare Foy and Paul Bettany star as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll and the 11th Duke of Argyll in A Very British Scandal, 2021 historical drama miniseries.

Blueprint Pictures previously created A Very English Scandal (2018), a film on the Thorpe event, for which it garnered an Oscar nomination.  On December 26, 2021, BBC One in the United Kingdom premiered Sarah Phelps’ A Very British Scandal, which was produced and written by her.

Argyll v Argyll, the 1963 divorce lawsuit involving Margaret Campbell and Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll and Chief of Clan Campbell (Scottish Gaelic: MacCailein Mor), is the subject of this three-part miniseries.

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As a result, the case gained notoriety and controversy as a result of the numerous allegations made against the two parties involved.   As well as the postwar British social and political milieu, this series delves into 1960s gender perspectives.

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Will Be Written by a New Writer

There will be three 60-minute episodes of A Very British Scandal, penned by experienced BBC writer Sarah Phelps, who also wrote Dublin Murders. The judicial and journalistic systems’ misogynistic behaviors contributed to Margaret’s demonization.

Treadwell-Collins said in an interview, “I want a female writer to follow in the footsteps of Russell T. Davis, who wrote the first season.” 

For a feminist dispute, “I need a female writer,” he said.

A Very British Scandal Season 2
A Very British Scandal Season 2

Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll, Is the Center of the Plot

Margaret Whigham was a Scottish millionaire’s heiress when she was just 19 years old. Margaret had already been engaged four times when she was just 19 years old and was making her way through some of the most prestigious social circles. She was 15 when she allegedly had an illegal abortion.

She married Charles Sweeney, an American socialite, and businessman when she was just 20 years old. The Guardian referred to the sight of Margaret’s wedding gown as “the media event of the decade,” with an estimated 20,000 people in attendance.

Eight miscarriages occurred while the couple was raising their two children. Divorce proceedings were started in 1947 after their marriage broke down.

Duke Ian Campbell had been married twice before his engagement to Margaret Argyll. Campbell, who was born in 1903, became addicted to alcohol and gambling as a result of his time spent as a prisoner of war in Germany. His ex-wives claim he was physically and verbally abusive to them.

During the reign of the Duke of Beaufort in 1949, he received Inveraray Castle in Scotland, which he inherited as head of his clan.

Claire Foy plays the Duchess of Argyll

If you haven’t seen Foy since Season 2 of The Crown, you’ll be keen to check-in. Her portrayal of Margaret, an Emmy-winning actress, is guaranteed to bring her back into the awards conversation next year. Paul Bettany will portray her husband, the Duke of Argyll, in the upcoming season.

A complete list of the cast members may be found at‘s “complete list of cast members”. Amanda Drew, Richard McCabe, Phoebe Nicholls, Camilla Rutherford, Timothy Renouf, Sophia Myles, Sophie Ward, Tim Steed, and Katherine Manners are all included in the list.

Sexism in the 20th Century Was Revealed in the Argyll Divorce Case

The Duke’s extramarital affairs were not mentioned throughout the trial. The theft and public disclosure of Margaret’s private photographs, which are now referred to as “revenge porn,” did not result in any charges being filed against Campbell.

The first oral contraceptives were on the market in the 1960s, during a time when mentioning one’s sexual desires in public was frowned upon severely. When the “dirty Duchess” came into the public eye as an older woman, she was attacked for her age.

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date

‘A Very British Scandal’ starring Paul Bettany, WandaVision, and Claire Foy, The Crown, will premiere on Prime Video on Friday, April 22.

Argyll’s divorce from the Duchess of Bettany is described as “one of the most renowned, spectacular, and violent court cases of the twentieth century” in the official narrative. During Margaret, Duchess of Argyll’s scandalous divorce in the 1960s, her charisma, attractiveness, and sense of style attracted headlines in the press.

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for A Very British Scandal season 2 has not been released yet. In the meantime, if you haven’t watched the trailer for season 1, you can check it out below.

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