Acrylic Prints vs. HD Metal Prints

Many people might not print the photos they’ve taken, but it’s quite a nice way to save your memories in real life than in smartphone memories.

With photo printing, you can make an album of all the precious memories and see them whenever you want. With the Acrylic Prints, the photographers used to print high-quality photographs. The Acrylic Printing technique helped them print high-quality photographs with proper color saturation and crystal clear prints.

But nowadays, HD Metal Prints are being prioritized due to the numerous benefits. There are a lot of great benefits of having HD Metal Prints over Acrylic Prints. Although the Acrylic printing method has its own set of benefits, HD Metal Prints are being preferred.

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If you are interested in knowing more, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are working on the comparison between Acrylic Prints vs. HD Metal Prints.

How are Acrylic Prints Processed?

Traditionally, the labs usually print the photos or images on photo paper. They use the LightJet or InkJet printers to print the image on the photo paper and then mount it on the acrylic surface, providing a smooth and shiny look to the photo itself.

Acrylic Prints vs. HD Metal Prints
Acrylic Prints vs. HD Metal Prints

For the additional quality of the image, the labs print on the Acrylic itself, which helps provide super high-quality prints. But the process is not recommended as it has risks involved.

How Are HD Metal Prints are Processed?

With the HD Metal Prints, the process is altogether different. In such prints, two different methods are adopted. The Printing labs usually print the images on the fine Aluminium metal surface, which provides the typical metallic look.

Well, such HD Metal prints are not recommended, as the print surface can be scratched easily and will cause degradation over time.

Another interesting method is using Metallic paints on the metallic surface. The process involves heat and pressure, in which the prints are etched onto the metal surface and fused with heat and pressure.

The process is time-consuming but provides the ultimate results. Such HD Metal prints look stunning and also are scratch-proof. So, having the HD Metal Prints fused to the metal is the best way to make it last longer.

Which Type of Print is Heavier?

When we compare the methods with each other, we can determine the weight of the same. In the testing done by the experts, the acrylic prints weigh more than the Metal prints. In the Acrylic Prints, the weight of the printing paper and the ink is significantly higher than the Metal prints.

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Thanks to the use of metals and the fusing method, which significantly reduces the weight of the prints. When it comes to small prints, Acrylic Prints are preferred, but it’s not recommended for huge prints.

The durability of Acrylic Prints vs. Metal Prints

When you are printing something for the clients, considering the durability is the biggest thing. Acrylic Prints are very durable, but they can be scratched and break off easily on fall. Due to the heavyweight of the Acrylic surface, it becomes easier to damage the Acrylic prints in the transport.

Also, it’s harder to clean off the surface-level dust, debris, or fingerprints from the acrylic surface. Usually, the Acrylic Prints are durable for a few years, not much longer.

On the other hand, the use of high-quality Metal and the printing process decides the Durability of HD Metal Prints. With the use of Shiny Aluminium Sheets and Metal paints, the Metal Prints are durable. They survive the fall impact, are easy to transport, and come with a scratch-resistant coating.

You can add additional coatings to make them Fireproof and waterproof for increased durability. In short, the Metal Prints can last for a long time if taken care of properly.

Final Words

It’s a long debate between Acrylic Prints and HD Metal Prints. We all know that both the Prints are suitable for various requirements. But when it comes to quality and durability, the HD metal Prints are perfect. Acrylic Prints are durable too, but they need a little more care than Metal prints.

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