Who is Adam Lambert Husband? His Married Life Explored Here!

Adam Lambert is still a formidable adversary, even if it has been almost a decade since his American Idol days. After performing in the program, he created the ground-breaking rock band Queen and further expanded his solo career.

On the cover of Adam’s new album, “High Drama,” set for release on February 24th, are shards of glass arranged to form a skull. This stunning piece of art is designed to symbolize Adam’s triumph over adversity in pursuing a career in the music business as a g@y man.

There was never any doubt about his incredible talent, but after American Idol, he came out as g@y, alienating some of his fans. During a performance at the 2009 American Music Awards, he grabbed a male band member’s lips and k!ssed him passionately. Adam said that he was temporarily banned from working at the TV station.

Adam, though, hasn’t let the negative feedback about his s*x life alter who he is. This year’s Fairyland, about a father and daughter navigating the G@y Liberation Movement and the AIDS crisis in San Francisco in the ’70s and ’80s, was his first role in a feature film. Despite his outward certainty, we can’t help but worry whether Adam is seeing anybody.

Who is Adam Lambert’s Husband?

Oliver Gliese, a seasoned veteran of the fashion world, is Adam’s current boo. The fashion house Ganni A/S in Copenhagen lists Oliver as a client advisor on his LinkedIn page. Previously, he oversaw a GFA-related innovation forum.

Despite several images of the two of them together over the years, their relationship seems to have remained under wraps. After being seen making out on a Tulum beach in November 2020, Just Jared immediately connected them.

Who is Adam Lambert Husband?

According to The Sun, Adam dated model Javi Costa Polo before moving on to Oliver. After Javi, a Spanish exchange student, returned home, their Instagram romance stopped. An interview with The Sydney Morning Herald from 2020 claims that Adam dated Finnish TV celebrity Sauli Koskinen from 2010 to 2013.

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Is Adam Lambert Married?

Adam Lambert is one of the most prominent artists working today, so naturally, people ask who he is married to. Lambert’s relationships have always had the most significant potential but have never gone any farther. Lambert maintains that one need not tie the knot to demonstrate their love for another.

With whom does Adam Lambert reconcile? He’s in a severe relationship with Oliver Gliese, and things are going well. For other LGBTQ duos aspiring to make it in the music industry, the duo is a great role model. Adam is using his celebrity to call attention to the plight of the LGBTQ community.

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