Agent Game Trailer Teased the Fans With Mel Gibson

Yes, it appears that the lads have returned to town. A perilous cat-and-mouse game involving a group of aging action heroes has been given an exclusive peek at Agent Game by Saban Films.

An intelligence officer (Mel Gibson) goes around recruiting new spies for his filthy work. Dermot Mulroney (Umma, The Righteous Gemstones) plays opposite Gibson as a CIA Interrogator who works undercover and above the law to obtain information.

While it may not be on design, the trailer makes light of the fact that Gibson’s character gathers a group of agitated young agents by promising them “a gig” in which they may put their talents to use for the good of the country.

When Agent Game has Gibson lead his squad, to kill Mulroney’s character after making him the scapegoat for an interview gone horribly wrong, it appears that Gibson is leaning into the theme of spy-on-spy brutality.

Agent Game

It is arguably even more accurate to claim that Barkhad Abdi’s Omar — who appears to be an interrogation subject — says, “just because you’re American, doesn’t mean your colleagues share the same goal as you.”

Agent Game also features BAFTA Award nominee Jason Isaacs, as well as Adan Canto, Katie Cassidy, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rhys Coiro, in addition to the aforementioned Gibson, Mulroney, and Abdi. Grant S. Johnson directs and writes the film with Tyler W. Kinney and Mike Langer.

The action-packed trailer for Agent Game promises an intriguing spy thriller. Mulroney and Gibson are pitted against one other, with Ilonzeh’s character siding with Gibson as his top recruit.

For the first time in more than two decades, Gibson and Isaacs will collaborate on a film. Taking on opposing roles during the American Revolution, Gibson and Isaacs appeared in Roland Emmerich’s The Patriot.

On April 8, Agent Game will be released in theatres, as well as digitally. You can see a trailer for it right here!

The Official Summary of Agent Game

No one is safe in this gripping spy thriller. Interrogator Harris (Dermot Mulroney) is the target of a rendition operation after being blamed for an interrogation that went awry at the CIA’s secret site.

It is Olsen (Mel Gibson) and his subordinate Visser (Annie Ilonzeh) that raise the stakes for their squad as they begin to doubt their orders and each other. When Harris and a few new allies discover the truth, they’ll be able to turn the tables.

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