Where To Find The Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard In Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, the keycard for the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint can be difficult to find, and in some cases, players may not even have it. The game features a total of 26 military checkpoints that, once captured, will yield different benefits to the player. The Check It Out trophy/achievement is earned by capturing all 10 checkpoints.

Players in Far Cry 6 will have to solve a number of puzzles in order to progress, such as the “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt or the retrieval of keycards for military checkpoints. Towards Madrugada’s western edge, you’ll find the Rank 13 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint. There is a bug that prevents players from obtaining the keycard, which is required to access the stash at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint.

In Far Cry 6, players can find Criptograma chests, FND caches, and other gifts hidden around the world. There is an FND cache in Aguda Cliffs that needs to be retrieved from the guard hut at the checkpoint. Instead of appearing on one of the foes, the keycard appears on a nearby object. The keycard is shaped like a blue key and comes with a long, purple lanyard. There are two ways to get to the Aguda Cliffs FND cache, even though players usually need the keycard to get the loot at checkpoints.

How to Obtain the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard in Far Cry 6

Players in Far Cry 6 should bring their best weapons to military checkpoints because they are crawling with enemies. Players will need to locate the keycard to the shack housing the FND cache after clearing out all enemies at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint. It can be seen on a road barrier made of cement across from the closed shack. Unfortunately, some players will be locked out of the game due to a glitch.

aguda cliffs checkpoint keycard
aguda cliffs checkpoint keycard

Without the key, players will have to use brute force to open the FND cache at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint. Dani can simply use a grenade or rocket launcher to blow the door off the shack and get to the loot inside. Players should wait for the fire to die down before entering the shack. The FND crate will contain useful items for the players to use.

There are a few issues with the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint keycard in Far Cry 6, but players who want to complete their FND cache collection can use a workaround. You can gain access to this hidden chest by either finding the keycard or using explosives to blow the door off. Far Cry 6 features a wide variety of puzzles for players to solve, such as the “Cache Money” treasure hunt and the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint.

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