AirPods Pro 2 May Launch Alongside iPhone 14 Series Later This Year

AirPods Pro 2, the next version of AirPods Pro, might come out in the US this fall. That means it could be any time between September and November.

AirPods Pro 2
AirPods Pro 2

Apple hasn’t changed its AirPods Pro in a long time. About three years ago, the first generation of AirPods Pro came out. It had features like active noise cancellation, sweat resistance, and, after an update, spatial listening. People who bought AirPods Pro when they first came out are now having problems with their batteries. In other words, they’re waiting for an improvement, and it looks like they might finally get it this year.

Again, there are rumours that Apple will release the AirPods Pro 2 later this year. Around the same time, the AirPods Max headphones may come in new colours.

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who is a reliable source of information about Apple and its products, said in his Power On newsletter that the AirPods Pro’s replacement could come out in the US this fall. That means it will come out between September and November, around the same time as the iPhone 14 series. This means that Apple’s fall event may have a lot of new products to show off.

Gurman said again that the Apple AirPods Pro 2, or whatever Apple ends up calling its best truly wireless earbuds, will still have active noise cancellation, but the quality will be much better than the current one.

The AirPods Pro 2 could have big changes in the way they look. Apple could take the stem off its earbuds to make something that looks a lot like the Pixel Buds or Galaxy Buds. Since there won’t be a stem, the earbuds’ tips will need to be bigger so that touch controls will work better.

The AirPods Pro would be a lot better if they could play lossless audio files. Apple Music already has lossless files, so it makes sense for the upcoming AirPods Pro to support them, even if it might be hard to stream them over a wireless connection.

Apple is also planning to release new colours for the AirPods Max at the same time as the AirPods Pro 2. Since the current AirPods Max has been around since 2019, it makes sense for Apple to make them in new colours.

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But Gurman thinks that the price of the AirPods Max will go down, even though new colours will be a welcome update. Gurman wrote in his note, “$550 is crazy for those headphones.” The AirPods Max cost Rs 66,100 in India.

Gurman is mostly right, but we never know what Apple has planned for its products or if the AirPods Pro 2 and the price drop for the AirPods Max are real. We’ll know for sure when the site goes live, which will be later this year.

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