Alderamin on the Sky Season 2: Is It Renewed?

When it first aired, the anime series Madhouse Military History wowed a large portion of the anime community. Since then, Alderamin on the Sky fans has been eagerly awaiting an update on Season 2.  What is the release date of Alderamin on the Sky season 2?

Below we have mentioned everything we know so for about Alderamin on the sky season 2.


When Nejimaki Seirei Senki began serializing in 2012, all fourteen volumes were collected for adaptation and published as a single volume. Japanese television aired anime from July to September of 2016.


The Katjvarna Empire and its neighbor, the Kiorka Republic, are engaged in a war. Due to mysterious circumstances, a young man was prepared to take the first-class military officer examination in an undeveloped area of this kingdom. Ikta is his name.

When he was a young man, no one could have guessed that he’d become a legendary general.

In the midst of conflict and chaos, a young Ikta fought to make it as a soldier in the world. You’ll be taken on a journey through his troubled life and into a stirring battle fantasy!

Latest News on Season 2 of Alderamin in the Sky

Alderamin on the sky Season 2 has not yet received the go-ahead from Madhouse. As soon as the fantasy anime was published, thousands of people around the world fell in love with it.

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2
Alderamin On The Sky Season 2

Fans and critics alike have taken to it, making it a popular choice. The show’s DVD and Blu-ray sales, on the other hand, fell short of expectations. Alderamin on the Sky was, in fact, a failure for its producers.

The fact that Madhouse hasn’t updated Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 could be due to their dismal track record, both the LN series and the manga adaptation of Alderamin on the Sky terminated.

Animated shows are regularly used to promote products and services. As a result, the sequel has nothing to promote and hence has a lower possibility of reappearance.

What Are the Chances of a Second Season?

There is yet hope for Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 because of the popularity of the anime and the high demand for a renewal of the series. It’s not uncommon for a show to get renewed because of the power of its fans today.

Madhouse or other studios may decide to take the risk if the anticipation for the next season of the series is high enough. Only a petition in support of season 2 and social media engagement is available at this time.

What Is the Expected Release Date for Alderamin on the Sky Season 2?

The popular manga-turned-anime has not been updated or discontinued by Madhouse as of yet. There is yet hope for Season 2 of Alderamin in the sky. A 2022 release date now appears to be the most probable.

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