Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2022: Salary, Income, Age And Wife

Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth and Salary

  • Net Worth– $350 Million
  • Age– 45
  • Born– July 27, 1975
  • Country of Origin– United States of America
  • Source of Wealth– Professional Baseball Player

Alex Rodriguez is expected to have a net worth of $350 million by the year 2022, according to the most recent estimates.

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is a New York native who plays professional baseball. In 1993, the Seattle Mariners selected him as the first overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft, launching his professional career.

On the field alone, Alex earned $441 million. In comparison to some of his contemporaries, he made only $40 million through endorsements. Derek Jeter, on the other hand, retired in 2014 with a net worth of $400 million (salary AND endorsements).

Derek’s endorsements accounted for nearly one-third of the $400 million. A-Rod used to be the king of endorsements, but after admitting to using steroids, his most lucrative deals dried up.

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At the time, he secured a number of contracts that were considered to be the most lucrative in the history of sports. When he was at his peak, he earned $33 million a year in salary.

His 10-year, $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers in 2000 was the biggest in sports history. Prior to this contract, Kevin Garnett‘s $126 million NBA deal was the most lucrative deal ever signed by a professional basketball player.

The Yankees re-signed Rodriguez in 2007 to a 10-year, $275 million contract extension, cementing his status as the highest-paid athlete in the game.

Early Life

On July 27th, 1975, Alexander “Alex” Rodriguez was born in New York City. Along with his two half-siblings, Suzy and Joe, he was raised by Lourdes and Victor Rodriguez, his parents. Rodriguez grew up idolizing the New York Mets, a major league baseball franchise.

alex rodriguez net worth
Alex Rodriguez net worth

Rodriguez was a standout baseball player at Christopher Columbus High School. His baseball career took off after he was named Junior Player of the Year by USA Baseball.


In 1994, Alex Rodriguez made his professional baseball debut. A successful season in the Major Leagues made him an overnight sensation.

Rodriguez proved to be one of baseball’s top all-around players throughout the next decade, putting him on the path to becoming one of the game’s all-time greats.

When he joined the Texas Rangers in 2001, Rodriguez got the most lucrative contract in baseball history. He went on to win the MVP Award in 2003.

New York Yankees acquired Rodriguez in a trade in the off-season. He was able to keep up his impressive performance for his group.

He returned to the Yankees after a sabbatical, where he continued his career. 121 RBIs and 48 home run later, he was named an All-Star in 2006 and became the first Yankee to win the American League’s home run championship


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As a result, he became the seventh player in MBL history to hit 600 home runs and the youngest player in 35 years to do it. He had to take time off from baseball due to a knee injury. In 2013, he returned to the New York Yankees and played in his first game since his departure.

Rodriguez is the recipient of a slew of honors. In addition to being a 12-time All-Star, he’s won the American League’s Silver Slugger Award a total of ten times. Rodriguez was a three-time Babe Ruth Home Run Champion and two-time Seattle Mariners Player of the Year.

Personal Life

In 2002, Rodriguez wed Cynthia Scurtis, with whom he had two children. They first met at a Miami gym. Natasha Alexander was born on November 18, 2004. On April 21, 2008, they welcomed Ella Alexander into the world.

Cynthia filed for divorce on July 7, 2008, citing marital misbehavior and emotional desertion of her and their children. His response was to argue that his marriage was “irretrievably broken,” and ask for allegations of his indiscretions to be removed from court records.

Jenifer Lopez and Alex began dating in February of 2017. A-Rod and JLo announced their engagement in March 2019.  With a fortune of $400 million, Jennifer has a $50 million advantage over Alex in terms of net worth. They’re worth a total of $750 million as of the time of this writing.


Some of Alex Rodriguez’s most memorable moments:-

  • Most Home Runs By A Player Of Hispanic Descent (Since 1994
  • Battling Champion (1996)
  • Doubles Leader (1996)
  • World Baseball Classic Participant for United States (2006)
  • Youngest Ever Hit 500 Home Runs (2007)
  • American Leauge Champion (2009)
  • World Series Champion (2009)

Alex Rodriguez’s Favorite Quotes

“I love the challenge of the game. I love the work. My goal right now is to have a season next year that will make people forget about this one. I’ll use things like this for motivation. I’m pumped. I’m hungry.” – Alex Rodriguez

“No athlete ever ends his or her career the way you want to. We all want to play forever. But it doesn’t work that way. Accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete.” – Alex Rodriguez

“I had a very complex childhood, and when I met my wife because she has a master’s in psychology, she promoted me into getting help. It really has helped. I’m not healed yet, but I’m working on some issues I had as a child.” – Alex Rodriguez

“This how I define grace: you’re on the main stage, and it looks like it has been rehearsed 100 times, everything goes so smoothly. That’s where I get my confidence and success, from knowing that I have an edge because I know I’m prepared.” – Alex Rodriguez

“Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but without it, you don’t have a chance.” – Alex Rodriguez

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