Alone Season 8 Winner Clay Hayes Lasted Only 74 Days

Alone Season 8 Winner: Alone Season 8 winner Clay Hayes participated in Alone season 8 which is a well known reality TV show. In this 10 contestants are left in a wild location where they have to survive on their own. However regular checkups are done by the team and if the crew feels that a particular person is unfit for the journey they evict the person therein. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Alone Season 8 Winner.

Alone Season 8 Winner Clay Hayes Lasted Only 74 Days

Clay Hayes, Alone Season 8 winner on The History Channel, did not have the longest run of any player, and you may be surprised to learn that. Surviving at Grizzly Mountain for 74 days, he was the longest-lasting contestant of his season. Hayes was the only player to last longer than 74 days, but there were 10 others who made it. Alone season 8 winner Clay Hayes is not the one to hold the highest record. You can also read Alone Season 9.

Roland Welker Survived For 100 Days

The seventh season of The History Channel game show Alone: Million Dollar Challenge featured a unique element. The survivors’ objective wasn’t to outlive everyone else, but rather to make it 100 days in the east arm of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. And yet, only 47-year-old Roland Welker, the longest survivor, made it to day 100. On September 18, 2019, Welker and nine other competitors were abandoned in the forest by the show’s producers. You can also check Alone Season 9 Release Date.

alone season 8 winner
alone season 8 winner

Callie Russell Survived For 89 Days

Callie Russell endured the harsh environment for 89 days in the same season as Roland Welker. Her toes getting frostbitten was the only reason she had to abandon the wilderness challenge. For her own safety, the medical staff decided to transfer her to a different facility. Even though she was the second-longest survivor in Alone history, she finished behind Roland in season 7.

Zachary Fowler Survived For 87 Days

For the third-most days spent alone, Zachary Fowler is in third place. After 87 days, at the age of 36, he was declared the winner of Season 3. He lost around a third of his starting weight, or 70 pounds, by the time he won. For the first time ever (during Season 3), a contender had to be taken out of the competition by the medical staff due to health concerns. Patagonia, Argentina, in South America served as the setting for this season, marking a departure from the two preceding North American locales. The candidates were dropped off at a series of lakes in the Andes Mountains’ foothills. You can also read Cast Of White Lotus Season 2.

Carleigh Fairchild Stayed For 86 Days

Carleigh Fairchild and Zachary were rivals In the third season of Alone. She broke the record by one day, finishing on day 86, one day before he did, following a medical examination. Carleigh’s body mass index decreased to an unsafe level, according to the team. Among the regulations of Alone is that candidates must get monthly checkups. A player is removed from play by the medical staff if his or her body mass index (BMI) is below 17.

Kielyn Marrone Stayed For 80 Days

Alone: Million Dollar Challenge featured three competitors who have been in the top 10 for the longest amount of time ever. After 80 days in the wild, reality TV contestant Kielyn Marrone came in third place and lost the competition. Due to exhaustion from hunger, she was unable to continue her journey across the treacherous landscape. You can also go through Sanctuary TV Series.

Megan Hanacek and Juan Pablo Quionez Survived For 78 Days

Megan Hanacek and Juan Pablo Quionez have lasted 78 days in the game Alone, setting a new record. In contrast to Megan’s third-place finish in Season 3, Juan Pablo won Season 9 after 78 days. As a result of Megan’s two broken molars, she had to fold.

Jordan Jonas Survived For 77 Days

Jordan Jonas, the winner of Season 6 of Alone, stayed the longest in the Arctic, clocking in at 77 days. The makers of “Alone: The Arctic” eliminated all ten candidates roughly 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories of Canada. During the competition, Jordan shot and killed the first moose.

Three Contestants Lasted 75 days

Season 4 winners Jim and Ted Baird, a family team, lasted 75 days in the wilderness before losing to Clay Hayes who is the Alone Season 8 winner. They went to the Quatsino Territory to take part in the “Alone: Lost and Found” competition. However, once the two were reunited after 10 days, they worked well together. Again, Karie Lee Knoke made it 75 days before falling to exhaustion and hunger in Season 9.

Alone Season 8 winner, Clay Hayes, was defeated by a total of 10 competitors. Yet, he is still one of the top 10 players in Alone who have lasted the longest.

Season 8 of Alone can be seen online right now on Netflix, Hulu, and The History Channel.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Alone Season 8 Winner. Clay Hayes who lasted for 74 days is outlasted by 10 more contestants who survived longer them him in previous seasons. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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