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Who’s up for a little teenage drama? In April, Netflix is launching a new movie geared for teenagers. Along for the Ride will have audiences in tears as the characters fall in love in the dark of the night.

Auden can’t sleep during the summer before college. However, this isn’t a case of nervousness related to the approaching start of college for her. Auden suffers from a severe case of sleeplessness. As a night owl, she’s used to being awake when everyone else is fast asleep.

However, she has spent the majority of her adolescent years alone. She did, at least, before meeting Eli.

Eli has the same problem with sleep as Auden. When the two become friends with the potential for romance, their seaside community will be in for a rude awakening. When it comes to insomnia, these two are united by the fact that they’ve both been there before.

To help Auden enjoy the recklessness of adolescence, Eli has made it his job to support him. As a teenager, she’s done everything her parents wanted her to do, but it hasn’t worked out for her. Auden lets Eli show her what it’s like to let go and have some fun after she finally decides to embrace fun and let go of her control over others.

Along for the Ride
Along for the Ride

The Release Date for Along for the Ride

It will be out on 22nd April 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

Is There a Book Behind This Movie?

Yes. The film is based on Sarah Dessen‘s best-selling young adult novel of the same name.

The Cast of Along for the Ride

IMDb lists the following actors as members of the ensemble cast: Emma Pasarow as Auden, Belmont Cameli as Eli, Kate Bosworth as Heidi, Dermot Mulroney as Robert, Andie MacDowell as Victoria, Laura Kariuki as Maggie, Marcus Scribner as Wallace, Genevieve Hannelius as Leah, Samia Finnerty as Esther, Ricardo Hurtado as Jake
and Paul Karmiyran as Adam. 

The Trailer for Along for the Ride

After months of anticipation, we now have our first glimpse at “Along for the Ride.” If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can check it out below!

The Plot of Along for the Ride

Eli, a fellow insomniac meets Auden during the summer before college. The two go on a nightly mission to assist Auden experience the fun and carefree young life she never realized she craved while the beach town of Colby sleeps.

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