Amber Heard Net Worth: How Much is Johnny Depp’s Ex Earning?

Amber Heard’s net worth and the amount she received in her divorce settlement from Johnny Depp have been hot topics since their split. On April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, a woman named Amber Laura Heard was born. She dropped out of high school to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. Before All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Heard had roles in Friday Night Lights, North Country, and Spin, among others. Before her debut as Mera in the DC Extended Universe’s Aquaman franchise as Mera in 2018, Heard appeared in Pineapple Express, The Joneses, Zombieland, and Magic Mike XXL.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom producer Peter Safran discussed why he chose to retain Heard on board for the second film, despite the outcry from fans of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. “I don’t think we’re ever going to react to, honestly, pure fan pressure,” he said. “You gotta do what’s best for the movie. We felt that if it’s James Wan and Jason Momoa, it should be Amber Heard. That’s really what it was… One is not unaware of what is going on in the Twitter verse, but that doesn’t mean you have to react to it or take it as gospel or accede to their wishes. You have to do what’s right for the film, and that’s really where we landed on it.”

Heard responded to fan movements to get her removed from the Aquaman franchise in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2020. “Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate [casting decisions] because they have no basis in reality… Only the fans made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year,” she exclaimed.

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So, how much money did Amber Heard get from her role in Aquaman? Read on to learn more about Amber Heard’s net worth and how much she received from Johnny Depp in their divorce settlement.

How Much Did Amber Heard Earn for Her Role in Aquaman?

In Aquaman, how much money did Amber Heard earn? Both Aquaman and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, featuring Heard as Mera, the princess of Xebel and Arthur Curry’s love interest, were released in 2018. As of this writing, the first Aquaman film has grossed $335.1 million domestically and $812.6 million internationally for a total worldwide gross of $1.148 billion. For the first time in the DCEU’s history, Aquaman has become the highest-grossing picture based on a DC Comics character, surpassing the $1.08 billion gross of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Warner Bros. Pictures Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011, $1.342 billion) is the studio’s highest-grossing film, while this one comes in second.

So, how much money did Amber Heard bring in from Aquaman? As reported by We Got This Covered, Heard earned $5 million for the first Aquaman film and $10 million for the follow-up Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. At $15 million, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, who starred in the first Aquaman film as Arthur Curry, earned more than any other actor in the Aquaman film franchise, according to Cosmopolitan.

While Henry Cavill earned $14 million for his role as Clark Kent/Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel, Forbes stated that Gal Gadot made $300,000 for her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in 2017’s Wonder Woman and $10 million for 2020’s Wonder Woman: 1984, per Variety. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League star Ben Affleck reportedly earned between $10 million and $20 million for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2017, according to Deadline. Robert Pattinson received $3 million for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Batman, according to a 2021 story in Variety.

Amber Heard Net Worth
Amber Heard Net Worth

How Much is Amber Heard Net Worth?

What is Amber Heard’s net worth at this time in her life? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Amber Heard has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Amber Heard’s net worth includes her earnings from other films, such as Friday Night Lights, Pineapple Express, The Rum Diary (in which she co-stars with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp), Magic Mike XXL, and The Danish Girl, as well as her small roles in Justice League (2017) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021). Actress Amber Heard was sued for $10 million by Magic Mike XXL’s producers for making unapproved modifications to the film’s script and failing to complete her voiceover work. She retaliated and reached an undisclosed settlement.

Depp’s fortune dwarfs that of his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard. Johnny Depp, who is worth an estimated $150 million, began dating Amber Heard in 2012 and wed her in 2015. The couple separated in 2016 and Heard secured a restraining order against Depp after she claimed he had mistreated her verbally and physically while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She also filed for divorce from Depp the following year. Heard and Depp’s divorce was finalized in 2017 after a settlement was agreed upon in 2016. In light of her “married lifestyle,” E! News reports that Heard requested $50,000 in spousal support from Depp each month.

However, her counsel later withdrew that request. At the time, TMZ also reported that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had agreed to a $7 million divorce settlement. As a tribute to Heard, Depp donated a portion of the money to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. He agreed to pay the remaining $6.8 million to Heard over 15 months beginning in December 2016 to satisfy the settlement. Her ex-husband Johnny Depp “should honor the whole amount” by donating $14 million to charity, which “after accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7 million payment obligation to Amber,” said a spokesman for Heard in a statement to E! News.

As part of her settlement, Heard promised to donate the remainder to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Heard gave her payment to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in 2021, and Depp sought proof of that donation in court. In response to questions about her payments to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Heard’s attorneys stated that she had done “nothing dishonest” and that she “pledged to pay over 10 years,” which was “understood” by the charities.

When Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2018 describing her own domestic violence experience in response to Depp’s claims that she was the abuser, Depp sued her for defamation, claiming that she was the abuser in their relationship. A year later, in 2020, Heard counter-sued Depp, saying that he conducted “a harassment campaign via Twitter and [by] organizing online petitions to get her fired” from both Aquaman and her collaboration with L’Oréal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Depp allegedly wrote to his sister, producer Christi Dembrowski, “I want her replaced on the WB film,”. Confirmation came later in court from Depp that the film he had in mind was Aquaman. More than 1.5 million people signed a petition on asking for Heard to be dropped from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. An online petition has been started after Johnny Depp was requested to step out from his role in the Fantastic Beasts films. April 2022 was the commencement date for the trial of Heard and Depp.


The net worth of Amber Heard is $8 million. Since their divorce, Amber Heard’s net worth and Johnny Depp’s divorce settlement have generated a lot of buzzes. Amber is a model and actress from the United States. She starred in the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.”

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