American Horror Story Season 10 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Hello readers, I hope you are doing well in this pandemic. Well, here we have brought you some information about your favorite horror series, “American Horror Story”: Double Feature, which will be its 10th installment. If you don’t know, the producers have decided to release American Horror Story Season 10 in 2021. American Horror Story series is known for its anthological plot with thriller and horror elements. 

Its makers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, have entertained us with some nail-biting series. We already know that this horror show is loosely based on true events that happened in America. Although this series has produced nine seasons till now, they are nowhere connected. They premiered its first season in 2011, and a new American Horror Story season kept us hooked. We witnessed its last season in 2019 titled “American Horror Story:1984”. Now makers have announced its 10th season; here is what you should know about its trailer, release date, plot, and casts.

American Horror Story Season 10: When is it going to be released?

Yes, finally, the time has come. We have waited two years for this American Horror Story Season 10. Though we already knew it would be released sooner or later after its season 9, They renewed it for further seasons. FX cable television channel has already given the green signal to its makers till season 13. 

Well, it was foreseen because it became FX’sFX’s highest-rated series for nearly a decade or so. So let’s get to the premier date directly- 25 August. Yes, folks! Its 10th season is going to release on 25 August 2021. On this night forward, we can expect our nights full of surprising elements.

What happened in last season titled American Horror Story: 1984?

This is an important thread about this anthological series. Unfortunately, its seasons are nowhere connected, though you can witness the same casts portrayed in different characters. Therefore, readers, you can directly start watching American Horror Story: Double Feature without any worries even if you have not watched previous seasons.American Horror Story Season 10

Have you caught up with the poster yet?

In November 2020, Ryan Murphy showed us a poster of American Horror Story: Double Feature, and believe me. It’s terrifying and thrilling at the same time. 

What could be the plot of American Horror Story Season 10? What is it about?

We don’t have anything concrete about the Story’s development, but Murphy’sMurphy’s Instagram opens many theories about how could floor it? Murphy captioned in his Instagram Post “Two horrifying stories….One season”. One Story will feature SEA, and another story will cover SAND. 

By seeing this poster, can we expect aliens in this season of American Horror Story? Well, we can’t say that for sure, but it is likely to happen. 

Cast for American Horror Story Season 10

The official announcement has been made about the ensemble casts. Here are those named who has signed for this season:

  • Kathy Bates
  • Macaulay Culkin
  • Leslie Grossman
  • Billie Lourd
  • Sarah Paulson
  • Evan Peters
  • Adina Porter
  • Lily Rabe
  • Angelica Ross
  • Finn Wittrock

One more name will be seen in the American Horror Story Season 10, Kaia Gerber. However, it’s unclear that she’ll be seen in which Story- SAND or SEA or even better in BOTH.


Its IMDb rating is 8/10, rated by 284k people. And on rotten tomatoes rating per season is as follows: 

Where can you watch it?

American Horror Story 1 premiered in 2011, and they gave its broadcasting rights to a cable television channel, FX. So you can catch up with season 10 on Hulu and FX on Hulu. And if you want to watch previous seasons, these options are preferable: Hulu, FX on Hulu, and Netflix. However, Netflix release dates are behind Hulu and FX on Hulu. Stay tuned for more updates, folks!

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