Majority of Americans Disapprove of SCOTUS Roe V. Wade Reversal, Poll Shows

A poll was conducted by news agencies on Friday and Saturday right after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and the results showed that a majority of Americans disapprove of SCOTUS Roe v. Wade the decision.

Most American adults (59%) are opposed to this, while only 41% are in favor. Approximately half (52%) of Americans see this as a negative development for the country, while 31% see it as a positive one and 17% see no change at all.

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According To a Recent Poll, Majority of Americans Are Against Roe v. Wade Reversal

Among females, 67% are opposed to the decision, while 33% are in favor. Women make up 56% of the population, and they are almost unanimous in their belief that this decision will negatively impact the lives of most American women.

Americans Disapprove SCOTUS
Americans Disapprove SCOTUS

The majority of Americans (58% vs. 42%) support a federal law legalizing abortion across the country. As many as 64% of Americans want abortion to be legal in all or most circumstances in their home states.

Five-sevenths of Americans now think it’s at least somewhat likely that the Supreme Court will rule against or restrict same-sex marriage and reproductive rights (55 percent ). There are only 33% who say they have a lot of faith in the Supreme Court, 23% who say they have some faith, and 44% who say they have no faith in the Supreme Court.

The poll was conducted on June 24-25, after the Supreme Court‘s decision was made public, and it questioned 1,591 adults, who were selected to be representative of the US population. In spite of the short polling period, the results provide a glimpse into initial public opinion. The poll has a 3.0% margin of error due to sampling variability.

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