Among US VR Fans Teased at Meta Quest (Latest Update)

An imposter can easily pretend to be an innocent crew member while enthusiastically typing their fraudulent alibi, but let’s test how well you take the strain from a first-person perspective!

American gaming studio Innersloth has released Among Us, a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game. Inspiring elements of the game include Mafia, a party game, and is inspired by The Thing, a science fiction horror film. Initially published for iOS and Android devices in June 2018, the game was then made available for Windows in November of the same year.

InnerSloth launched Among US VR at the Game Awards 2021 last year, with a trailer and an announcement post about the project. The gameplay will be identical to that of Among Us on all current platforms, with the exception that this new version will be played with VR peripherals.

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The release from InnerSloth last year noted that “This new 3D experience will place you and our suspicious space beans in the heart of the Skeld, with all of the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal you know and love.”

“The release from InnerSloth last year noted that “This new 3D experience will place you and our suspicious space beans in the heart of the Skeld, with all of the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal you know and love.”

Among US VR will retain the core elements that made the original game so enjoyable. Priming shields and diverting power to other subsystems are among the many tasks that players must complete in order to get their ship up and running.

The finest parts of Among Us involve everyone accusing everyone while the crew tries to evacuate Impostors from the airlock and Impostors attempt to turn the crew against one another. Nobody is safe from scrutiny.

Imagine the same game in first person, but with a much greater sense of immersion. Among US VR is a suspenseful social deduction game, developed by Innersloth and Robot Teddy alongside Schell Games, but it’s made for VR by the same studio that brought you I Expect You To Die, and I Expect You To Die 2.

Step into the Skeld with your headphones on. Watch your back, an Impostor is almost certainly trying to get the upper hand on you when you’re in a first-person view of the ship’s systems.

If you’ve never played Among US in VR before, it’s worth mentioning that this is an entirely new and distinct multiplayer experience.

Among US VR
Among US VR

During the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Meta confirmed that Among Us VR will be available in virtual stores during the holiday season of 2022. Some Among Us VR gameplay was shown by Meta as well.

Among US VR is Eagerly Awaited

Innersloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games are a few of the studios responsible for the game Among Us VR. A Game Awards nominee for best VR/AR game, I Expect You to Die 2 was developed by this team.

I Expect You to Die 2 fans will be enthralled and captivated if Schell Games can bring the same immersive VR magic to Among Us VR as it has done for the game.

“It’s a thrilling new adventure for us to bring Among Us to VR, and we’re certain that Robot Teddy and Schell Games can handle it.”  As Innersloth Community Director Victoria Tran said in an interview, “We can’t wait for our Crewmates to experience the game in a brand new way.”

According to Meta’s trailer for Among Us VR shown at the Quest Gaming Showcase, the game would have an additional layer of suspense. As a crew member, you’ll constantly be on the lookout for monsters bent on your destruction as you go about your business. What if someone is hiding around the next corner?

Don’t be constrained by a 2D map anymore. You’ll be able to take a more in-depth look at the ship with the help of Among Us VR. As you fulfill your tasks, you’ll run into other crew members, interact with auto-open steel doors, spy on others through air vents, and tragically, come across half-eaten corpses.

Emergency meetings will have a more authentic sense. Before kicking someone off the ship, the crew can gather and discuss who they think to be the imposter. The imposter has the option of framing other crew members in order to free the group of your bad odor by pointing fingers at suspects and constructing a case against them.

Quest 2 and Rift/S users will have access to Among Us VR. In order to play Among Us VR, gamers must have a minimum of four players, and a maximum of 10.

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