Amy Slaton Divorce: Reveal Tv Pay As They Fight For More Money To Stay On 1000-lb Sisters

Amy Slaton, born October 28, 1987, is a YouTube sensation and T.V. personality. She got to stardom by filming YouTube videos alongside her sister, Tammy Slaton. Her channel succeeded incredibly in January 2021 when they starred in the T.L.C.’s television series “1,000-lb Sisters.”

Slaton has had some pretty controversial moments as a YouTube vlogger. Yet, that never stopped her from continuing to generate amazing content for her legions of admirers. She won over her audience after completing her weight-loss goal of 25 pounds. After that, she got weight-loss surgery that helped her shed 100 lbs.

Separation of Amy Slaton

On Monday, The Sun reported the revelation, citing a source with knowledge of the situation. “Amy believes Michael is lethargic and has been resentful of her attention towards the kids,” a source told The Sun. They’ve been struggling for over a year.

Separation of Amy Slaton
Separation of Amy Slaton

According to a reliable source, Amy and her two sons, Gage (2) and Glenn (7 months), have already left the couple’s home. It has been stated that Amy and the boys are staying with Amy’s sister, Tammy Slaton. The Sun reports that while Amy and Michael have not yet filed for divorce, Amy “will soon file for divorce.”

Fans of 1,000-Lb Sisters have seen on-screen tension between Amy and Michael this season, so their breakup shouldn’t surprise them. Amy has returned home after having her baby by C-section, and she’s having difficulty convincing Michael to pitch in with chores and yard work.

Take a look at this scene from the most recent episode, where Amy is having difficulty keeping her infant children entertained during a backyard BBQ. Michael is not engaging in illicit behaviour, as she admits to in her confession. And, “sometimes I feel like I got three kids,” she says.

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1000-lb+Marriage Sisters Amy Slaton Divorces Michael Halterman And Leaves Months After Son Birth

An informant claims that Amy, 35, has already moved out of the family’s Kentucky home with her seven-month-old kids, Gage, 2, and Glenn. Amy Slaton-Halterman, of the TV show 1000 Pound Sisters, and her husband, Michael Halterman, have just divorced.

The informant said that now that Tammy has returned to Kentucky after rehab, Amy and the kids are staying with her. According to a source close to the 1000-Pound Sisters, Amy has said that Michael is both sluggish and envious of her parental attention. They’ve been having problems for over a year.

The U.S. Sun can reveal that Amy and Michael, who had their youngest son Glenn in July 2022, have not yet filed for divorce in Kentucky.

Tammy And Amy Slaton Reveal Tv Pay As They Fight For More Money To Stay On 1000-lb Sisters

The U.S. Sun has learned exclusively that the cast of 1,000-Lb Sisters, which includes Tammy’s sister Amy Halterman, her half-brother Chris Combs, and her half-sister Amanda, believe they could make more money if they quit their current production network’s contract.

Tammy And Amy Slaton Reveal Tv Pay As They Fight For More Money To Stay On 1000-lb Sisters
Tammy And Amy Slaton Reveal Tv Pay As They Fight For More Money To Stay On 1000-lb Sisters

Amy Halterman, Tammy Slaton, and Amanda (their half-sister) are all demanding pay raises for their roles in 1000-Lb Sisters. A close friend of the Slaton family has revealed that Tammy, 36, makes only $3,000 to $5,000 every episode, despite the fact that she has been featured prominently in recent seasons.

The informant also confirmed that Tammy had used all of her money from the show to pay for her 14 months of weight therapy. Meanwhile, Tammy’s half-sister Amanda, who has been a cast member since season three, earns only roughly $700 per month for her roles.

Tammy’s sister Amy, 35, reportedly earns the most on the show since both of her sons, Gage, 2, and Glenn, 7 months, are signed to lucrative reality TV deals.

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