Ana Navarro Weight Loss Journey Shows How She Transformed Her Health!

Ana Navarro’s journey to lose weight is a strong example of how determined she was to improve her health. Ana has always struggled with her weight, but she took care of her health and made big changes. She got help from a professional, went to a wellness spa, and changed her life to focus on nutrition, exercise, and her general health.

Ana loses about a huge number of pounds a month, and her story can help others who are having trouble with their weight and health. Her story shows that anyone can change for the better and live a healthier, happy life if they work hard and take a personalized approach. So read the whole post to find out how many pounds she lost.

How Much Weight Did Ana Navarro Drop?

Ana Navarro addressed accusations that she uses Ozempic to lose weight by discussing her own weight reduction story.

The View cohost, 51, posted a series of images from her recent vacation to Colombia on Instagram earlier this week. “When your best friend is @leeschrager and he tells you he wants a getaway weekend for his birthday, you say, ‘tell me where and when, and I’ll be there,'” she captioned the photo.

The following photographs, which were posted by Ana, can be seen here:


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In the first of the four photos, Navarro wore a sleek black updo and an off-the-shoulder black dress. Her outfit was form-fitting, which highlighted her thinner build. Navarro quickly put down the notion in a long response when a social media user inquired when he planned on “coming clean” about being on Ozempic.

“I’ve posted about my weight-loss journey many times. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. The [coronavirus] pandemic and menopause made it worse,” the Emmy nominee wrote on Wednesday, May 31. “In 2021, my mom d!ed of kidney disease brought on by diabetes. She suffered terribly in the last years of her life. That scared the bejeezus out of me.” On the other hand, she has since removed that post from her Instagram account.

Navarro explained that she visited the Rancho La Puerta “wellness spa” in Mexico in August 2022 with two longtime friends. “We had all turned 50 and wanted to be healthier. I spent time there learning to cook and eat healthier, reprogramming the way I think of my lifestyle, and being more active. We did all sorts of exercise classes for hours a day,” she noted.

You can compare Ana’s before and after images by looking at the ones that are provided down below:

The news correspondent recalled feeling “determined to continue” the same “healthy habits” she learned at the resort when she returned home. “I also sought professional help – nutritionist, medical supervision (I was on the verge of pre-diabetes), pilates coach (I joined a Pilates club in Miami and NYC), and pickleball coach (I try to play at least twice a week),” she added. “So it’s been a complete lifestyle change -except for the damn rosé and margaritas, which I can’t give up.”

Ana Navarro Weight Loss

Navarro claimed that, since adopting her new healthy habits, she had shed “about 4-5 lbs a month.” She stressed again that everyone has their own path to health and wellness.

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What Was Ana Navarro’s Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Diet management starts a weight loss journey. Food affects your mood and performance. Navarro avoided alcohol and ate fruits, vegetables, and other healthy meals. She was pre-diabetic and followed her nutritionist’s diet during workout sessions. She reduced alcohol while commuting and ate healthy foods including grains, fruits, fish, and veggies.

Reduce Alcohol
Ana Navarro drank before losing weight. After realizing its harmful effects on her body, she quit. She still enjoys Rosé and margaritas. She limits her intake.

Alcohol drinking causes weight gain and obesity (1). Our digestive tract eliminates alcohol before macro and micronutrients. If overconsumed, the digestive system treats it as a toxin and inhibits metabolizing carbs, proteins, and lipids. When nutrients aren’t burned, cells accumulate lipids, which can cause weight gain.


Navarro appreciates her nutritious, power-packed meals. She maintains her weight with green vegetables and fruits (2). Her body doesn’t need nutrients because veggies are low in calories but high in nutrients. Fiber, water, healthy fats, and proteins make her feel full until the next meal (3). This prevents unhealthy midday or nighttime cravings. is the only website where you can get intimate details about your favorite stars’ personal lives.

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