Andy Dick’s Net Worth (Updated 2022), Career, Assets And All Latest Info

Born Andrew Thomlinson, Andrew Roane Dick, popular as Andy Dick, is an American actor, comedian, musician, and film producer. He has been in talks majorly because of his outlandish behavior and controversies related to sexual misconduct and arrests. He also had drug addictions.

In this article, we will cover Dick’s net worth, personal life, and many more.

What Is The Net Worth Of Andy’s Dick?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andy Dick has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. 

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Early Life Of Andy Dick

Andy Dick was born in Charleston, South Carolina on 21 December 1965. His legal parents, Allen and Sue Dick adopted him right after birth. His father worked in the US Navy, and when Andy was a child, the family lived in several different places. While growing up, he used to spend time in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Yugoslavia. The family ultimately settled in Chicago.

When he was in high school, Andy developed an interest in theater and appeared in several of the school’s musical productions. In 1984, following his was selected homecoming king, he completed his graduation from high school. When he was a child, he befriended actor Anthony Rapp, who became a renowned actor later.

Following graduation from high school, Andy enrolled in the Chicago-based Second City improvisational theater group based in Chicago. Second City is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned and influential comedy theater groups.

When he was taking comedy lessons with Second City, Andy was also taking lessons at Illinois Wesleyan University before attending Columbia College Chicago. When he was attending university, Andy also managed to join the iO Theater group in Chicago. iO is also well known for teaching students the ins and outs of improvisational comedy.

Personal Life Of Andy Dick

In 1986, Andy tied the knot with Ivone Kowalczyk and in 1988, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son Lucas. Sadly, their relationship couldn’t last too long and the couple separated in 1990. Andy also welcomed a son and a daughter with Lena Sved.

Andy Dick's Personal life
Andy Dick’s Personal life

Andy revealed that he is bisexual in a 2006 interview with The Washington Post. Page Six confirmed Dick’s engagement with Elisa Jordanabvc in March 2021.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Andy revealed that he has been addicted to drugs and alcohol over the years and joined rehab programs twenty times in an attempt to come out as sober.

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Career Of Andy Dick

In 1992, Andy got his first big career breakthrough when he was featured on the short-lived The Ben Stiller Show which ended in 1993. In the same year, Andy landed his first significant role in the film titled Double Dragon which had been inspired by a video game.

His next big opportunity came when he was featured in a sketch on the Late Show with David Letterman. Dick joined the cast of The Nanny for an episode in 1994. Later, he landed a major role in the Get Smart television remake before landing a role on NBC’s Go Fish.

The next year, Andy booked a recurring role in the NBS series titled NewsRadio. He portrayed the character of Matthew Brock in the show. Though NewsRadio performed well, it received mixed receptions and ratings which resulted in the cancellation of the show in 1999. Andy got back to movies yet again in 1997 with a character in Bongwater besides Jack Black and Luke Wilson. Andy landed the role of Inspector Gadget in 1999 where he portrayed the role of Kramer.

Andy helped to create The Andy Dick Show in 2001, which premiered on MTV Andy Dick served as the writer and director of every episode of the show and was seen playing a different role in a mockumentary-style approach in each episode. Andy slammed many celebrities by imitating them on the show, and also several celebrities appeared as guests on the show. It was terminated in 2003 following three seasons.

In 2004, Andy landed the role of a recurring character in the MTV reality shows The Assistant. The show made fun of several reality television shows, along with The Apprentice, Survivor, The Bachelor, and others. The show consisted of eight episodes before being terminated. Andy also made a guest appearance in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager where he portrayed an emergency medical hologram. In Season 8 of Celebrity Poker Showdown, Andy finished in last place.

Over the 2000s, Dick landed the cast of movies like Dude, Road Trip, Zoolander, Where’s My Car, The Hebrew Hammer, Old School, Reality Bites, and Employee of the Month. A number of these roles were just cameos.

Andy was featured in an episode of The Real World: Hollywood in 2008 to instruct participants on their next challenge: improv classes. Furthermore, Dick was also featured in shows such as Sober House 1, The Gong Show, and Celebrity Wife Swap.

Apart from such projects, Andy has made his name as a famous voice actor. He dubbed the role of Nuka in several sequels of Disney’s Lion King. Dick is also known for dubbing the role of Boingo in the Hoodwinked! film franchise. Furthermore, Andy has lent voice acting for Dilbert, Hey Arnold! and Clone High. He has also been part of video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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Controversy Of Andy Dick

Andy confessed in a statement that he has been admitted to rehab 20 times because of his drug addictions. Now, he is a follower of living a sober life. In 1999, Andy partied with actor David Strickland right before he attempted suicide and in the same year, he was also charged with drug possession, driving under the influence, as well as a hit-and-run.

Andy was arrested in 2008 for sexual assault following he pulled down the top of a teenage girl, revealing her breasts. Then, he was once again arrested in 2010 for allegations of sexual misconduct after he reportedly groped two people at a bar. Dick was also arrested on allegations of sexual abuse in 2018 after groping another individual.

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