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Anita Pointer Cause of Death: Death At The Age of 74

Anita Pointer Cause of Death

Anita Pointer Cause of Death

Anita Pointer Cause of Death: Sad to say, Anita Pointer has passed away due to the following medical condition: The singer for the Pointer Sisters, who were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, passed away on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles, shocking the music industry.

This lady’s age was given as 74. Former employee Roger Neal claims that the last time he saw Anita was as she lay dying. Bonnie, who helped start the band with her in the late ’60s, will pass away in 2020, while June, her other sister, went away in 2006.

After Anita’s passing, her loved ones issued a statement saying, “We are very saddened by Anita’s loss, but we are comforted by the fact that she is now with her daughter Jada and her sisters June and Bonnie and at peace.” Now that Anita is “there,” people say paradise is more “lovely and beautiful.” The band named their 1973 single “Jada” after Anita’s daughter Jada.

Anita Pointer Cause of Death

Anita Pointer Cause of Death

Sky News reports that Anita Pointer succumbed to cancer. While dealing with the fallout from the statement’s distribution, her family has appealed for privacy.

The Pointer Sisters, originally only Bonnie and June Pointer, became a group in 1969. After some time had passed, Anita Pointer joined the group. At the height of their economic success in 1972, Ruth, the group’s older sister, decided to form a quartet. For More on Jake Flint’s Tragic Death, Check Out This Article

According to rumors, the sisters polished their singing chops in the church their dad pastored in Oakland, California. In 1973, this trio published their debut album, which included the Top 40 song “Sure We Can.”

“Fire” (1978), “He’s So Shy” (1983), “Slow Hand” (1983), “Neutron Dance” (1983), “Automatic and Jump” (1983), and “I’m So Excited” (1983) are a few of their other well-known albums (1982). Through their careers, the Pointer Sisters won a total of three Grammy Awards. Eddie Guerrero’s Untimely Death: What We Know

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Anita Pointer Parents

In the United States, in the city of Oakland, was born Anita Pointer, the fourth of six children to parents Sarah Elizabeth and Reverend Elton Pointer (father). Their father had passed away in 1979. While Anita’s parents settled in Arkansas, Pointer’s grandparents remained in California, so every year the family made the trek to Prescott to visit them.

Anita Pointer Husband

Anita Pointer was born in Oakland, California, the fourth of six children to Sarah Elizabeth (mother) and Reverend Elton Pointer (father).


The death of his father occurred in 1979. Anita’s parents spent their formative years in Arkansas, thus the family routinely made the trek to Prescott to visit Pointer’s grandparents, despite the fact that Anita and her siblings were born in California.

Why Did Anita Pointer Leave The Pointer Sisters?

According to The Daily Mail, Anita Pointer left the band in 2015 owing to health concerns. Ruth Pointer, her daughter Issa, and her granddaughter Sadako have formed a singing trio and have been performing together for a number of years. In a 2019 interview with Variety, Anita gushed about the new cast, saying, “They are performing some wonderful shows and have gone all over the world, without me.”

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