Anne Meara Net Worth In 2022, Early Life, Television Career and Much More

Anne Meara Net Worth

Anne Meara Net Worth: On the day of her death in 2015, American actress and comedian Anne Meara has an estimated net worth of $12.5 million. Anne Meara and her then-husband Jerry Stiller were the better-known half of the comedic duo Stiller and Meara in the ’60s. Anne Meara net worth has increased over time.

Over the course of the next six decades, she appeared in dozens of television episodes, including such classics as “The Greatest Gift,” “Rhoda,” “Archie Bunker’s Place,” and “The King of Queens.” On the big screen, Meara was in such films as “Fame,” “Awakenings,” “The Daytrippers,” and “A Fish in the Bathtub.” Ben Stiller is the son of Jerry and Anne. The death of Anne Meara, who was 85 years old, occurred on May 23, 2015. Jerry passed away in May of 2020, almost exactly five years later.

Early Life and Education

Mary and Edward Meara welcomed their daughter Anne into the world on September 20, 1929, in Brooklyn. She grew up in Rockville Centre, Long Island, as an only child. Meara’s mother committed suicide when she was 11 years old. She went to the New School and HB Studio to hone her acting skills while she was a young adult. Anne Meara net worth increased during her career.

Anne Meara Net Worth
Anne Meara Net Worth

Meara and Stiller

Meara and her husband Jerry Stiller became famous as the comedic duo Stiller and Meara. After splitting from the Chicago improv troupe the Compass Players, they began performing as a duo. After that, Stiller and Meara started playing in New York City clubs and soon became household names. Typical topics for the comedy duo’s skits were mundane household tasks and common couple problems.

When Mike Nichols and Elaine May’s comedic duo ended in 1961, it was Stiller and Meara who took the nation by storm. They frequently appeared on both “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and “The Ed Sullivan Show.” The album “Presenting America’s New Comedy Sensation: Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Live at the Hungry I” by Stiller and Meara was a smashing success. Further, they promoted Blue Nun Wine extensively via radio. As a result of the strain on their marriage, the couple broke up in 1970.

Television Career

From 1954 through 1955, Meara portrayed Harriet in the daytime soap opera The Greatest Gift, which was her debut acting role on television. Later that decade, in 1960, she starred in the Ernst Lubitsch remake “Ninotchka,” which was broadcast on television. Meara didn’t appear on television very often during that decade, but she did guest star on shows including “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” “Love, American Style,” “The Paul Lynde Show,” and “The Corner Bar” in the early 1970s.

Meara was nominated for an Emmy for her role in the 1975 legal drama series “Kate McShane.” She then portrayed Sally Gallagher on the television sitcom “Rhoda” for two seasons, beginning in 1976. Meara’s breakthrough role came at the end of the decade when she took over for the original Veronica Rooney as the bar cook in the continuation of “All in the Family,” “Archie Bunker’s Place.” She stayed through the first three seasons, to 1982.

After her departure from “Archie Bunker’s Place,” Meara collaborated with Lila Garrett on the screenplay for “The Other Woman,” a 1983 CBS TV movie. It wasn’t until a few years later that she co-wrote and starred in the doomed “The Stiller and Meara Show.” Meara was a regular in the sitcom “ALF” at the decade’s end. Anne Meara net worth skyrocketed during her TV career.

After that, she had guest-starring roles on shows like “Murder, She Wrote,” “Monsters,” “All My Children,” “In the Heat of the Night,” “Murphy Brown,” “Homicide: Life on the Street,” and “Oz.” As the 21st century progressed, Meara played Veronica Olchin, a recurrent character in “The King of Queens” from 2003 to 2007. During that time, she was featured in several television shows and movies, including the TV movie What Makes a Family and episodes of Will & Grace, Sex & the City, and Charlie Lawrence.

Film Career

In the 1970 comedies “The Out-of-Towners” and “Lovers and Other Strangers,” Meara made her film debut in supporting roles. Soon after, she was cast in more substantial roles, including in “Irish Whiskey Rebellion” and “Nasty Habits.”  Meara portrayed Elizabeth Sherwood, an English teacher, in the 1980 film “Fame,” a popular musical drama aimed at teenagers. Anne Meara net worth was also impacted by her film career.

She went on to star in more films like “The Longshot,” “My Little Girl,” and “That’s Adequate.” Meara’s role in the Penny Marshall drama “Awakenings” marked her entry into the decade of the 1990s. The following year, she co-starred with her husband and son in the horror comedy “Highway to Hell,” and then she co-starred with her son once again in the love drama “Reality Bites.” The Search for One-Eye Jimmy, Kiss of Death, The Daytrippers, Southie, Judy Berlin, and A Fish in the Bathtub, in which she co-starred with her husband, are among Meara’s other prominent credits from the 1990s.

Theater Career

Meara had a long and successful career on and off Broadway. She had roles in several plays in the 1950s, including “A Month in the Country,” “The Good Woman of Setzuan,” and “As You Like It.” She left the stage for a while during the 1960s, but returned in 1971 to play Bunny Flingus in “The House of Blue Leaves.” A… My Name is Alice, Romeo + Juliet, and Eastern Standard are just a few of the 80s films on which Meara worked. After-Play, a Broadway comedy in which she also starred, was written by her. Meara’s last stage performance was in 2011’s off-Broadway production of “Love, Loss, and What I Wore.”

Personal Life and Death

Meara’s marriage to Jerry Stiller began in 1954 and lasted until her death. Ben and Amy were their two children from their union. Soon after her wedding, Meara began practising Judaism.

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