Anne Perry De@th: At the age of 84, “Crime Author” Has Passed Away

Anne Perry, a prolific mystery fiction author, died at the age of 84. As a child, she helped m*rder her best friend’s mom. At 15, the author was convicted of m*rdering Honorah Mary Parker and spent the next five years in jail.

An agent has confirmed Perry has died at a Los Angeles hospital. Her health deteriorated throughout the months after her heart attack in December.

The book was adapted into the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures, which starred Kate Winslet. Anne Perry was formerly known as Juliet Hulme; at the time of the m*rder, she was going by a different identity.

Anne Perry De@th

Perry and her friend Pauline Parker plotted the m*rder of the victim’s daughter in 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Details were uncovered years later when investigators discovered journals detailing the events.

Twenty bricks were used for crushing the life out of Honorah Mary Parker. Perry, then 16 years old, allegedly plotted the m*rder with her closest friend because she feared being separated. The girls hoped Parker might join Perry in South Africa to be with Perry’s family, but they were concerned that Parker’s mother could attempt to stop them.

Because both girls were under eighteen when they m*rdered Parker’s mother, they were given prison sentences rather than the de@th penalty. Perry was born in London and lived there for eight years before moving to the Bahamas and New Zealand.

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She said on her website that she missed a lot of schools since she was ill a lot as a youngster and had to be fostered.

After serving her sentence, Perry departed New Zealand for the United Kingdom, where she temporarily worked as a flight attendant before returning to New Zealand. She became a Mormon and settled in the small Scottish village of Portmahomack.

In 1979, she published her first book, The Cater Street Hangman. She wrote over 25 million copies of her books, spanned many series.

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