How Did Annie Wersching An American Actress Died?

Actress Annie Wersching, who played several beloved TV roles, passed away today. Wersching made her Star Trek debut as a guest star on Star Trek: Enterprise ten years ago, but she returned to the franchise in a far larger capacity with her portrayal as the malevolent Borg Queen in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

Annie Wersching An American Actress Has Died At The Age Of 45

Wersching has been in several hit television series, including 24, Bosch, and The Vampire Diaries. Outside of television, Wersching played a significant role in the critically acclaimed The Last of Us series. Anna Torv recently brought the fan-favorite part of Tess, a non-player character, to life on the HBO series by providing her voice and performing motion capture for the role.

Wersching lived to the ripe old age of 45 before she passed away. Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2020, Wersching continued to act and appeared in several Star Trek shows, including Star Trek: Picard, where she played the Borg Queen, a reimagining of the Cyborg leader of the alien species who had previously appeared in The Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, and the Star Trek: Voyager series.

Next to Alice Krige and Susanna Thompson, Wersching is the third actress to play the part. Early in her career, Annie Wersching appeared in guest roles on popular television shows like “Birds of Prey,” “Frasier,” “Boston Legal,” and “Supernatural.”

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Wersching’s first significant TV role was as FBI Special Agent Renee Walker in Seasons 7 and 8 of the action series 24, following a brief appearance on General Hospital. Her subsequent major TV roles were in Bosch and Hulu’s Runaways, both of which are based on Marvel Comics characters and take place in the MCU. Below the Beltway and Bruce Almighty were two more films in which she had roles.

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