Another Life Season 3 Release Date Status Cast Plot Trailer and Many More Update

Another Life is a 2019 American science fiction television drama series created by Aaron Martin and produced by Justis Greene, Katee Sackhoff, and Omar Madha. The show stars Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chatwin, Selma Blair, Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, Elizabeth Ludlow, A.J. Rivera, Alexander Eling, Jake Abel, Alex Ozerov, JayR Tinaco, Lina Renna, Barbara Williams, Jessica Camacho, Parveen Dosanjh, Chanelle Peloso, Greg Hovanessian and Tyler Hoechlin.

The filming of the first season of the series was done in British Columbia, Vancouver, and started on 20th August 2018 and wrapped up on 20th November 2018. The first season of the series premiered on 25th July 2019 on Netflix. The series was renewed for the second season in October 2019. The filming for the second season was earlier expected to start on 2nd March 2020 but the production had to be halted due to the covid-19 pandemic and resumed on 28th August 2020 and after much delay managed to wrap up in December 2020.

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The second season premiered on 14th October 2021 and both the seasons consist of a total of 10 episodes each with an average run time of 37-61 minutes. The series revolves around the main protagonist Niko Breckinridge who is the leader of an interstellar mission to figure out about its origin with a select group of crew members out of the Salvare, whereas her husband Erik Wallace, who is a scientist, make attempts to reveal the fact of the artifact on Earth.

The series performed on average and has a rating of 5 out of 10 on IMDB which is okay. The sci-fi lovers who are impressed with the series are expecting the renewal of the series for its third season and we have got you covered with every latest information, read out the full article to know more.


Another Life Season 3 Release Date

The news about the renewal came as a shock to all the sci-fi lovers since it had already been two years since the release of the first season. As of now, there is no official confirmation made yet regarding the development of the third season by either Netflix or any of the makers but we can expect the third season since one of the producers of the show Katee Sackhoff who also played the role of Niko in the series said during an interview in July 2019 that the team underneath the series already had an idea about the synopsis of at least three seasons which implies that there will be the third season of the series.

Another Life Season 3
Another Life Season 3

Another Life Season 3 Cast

Though we know that there is no confirmation for the renewal of the show for another season, we can expect the main characters to come again for the third season of the series to reprise their roles. The names include:

  • Katee Sackhoff in the role of Niko Breckinridge
  • Justin Chatwin in the role of Erik Wallace
  • Samuel Anderson in the role of William
  • Blu Hunt in the role of August Catawnee 
  • A.J. Rivera in the role of Bernie Martinez
  • Jake Abel in the role of Sasha Harrison 
  • Alex Ozerov in the role of Oliver Sokolov 
  • Alexander Eling in the role of Javier Almanzar
  • JayR Tinaco in the role of Zayn Petrossian
  • Lina Renna in the role of Jana Breckinridge-Wallace
  • Selma Blair in the role of Harper Glass
  • Elizabeth Ludlow in the role of Cas Isakovic
  • Today Chirisa in the role of Richard Ncube 
  • Dillon Casey in the role of Seth Gage 

Besides the above-mentioned characters, we can also expect to return the recurring cast from the previous seasons.

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  • Tyler Hoechlin in the role of Ian Yerxa 
  • Jessica Camacho in the role of Michelle Vargas 
  • Barbara Williams in the role of General Blair Dubois
  • Greg Hovanessian in the role of Beauchamp McCarry
  • Parveen Dosanjh in the role of Dr. Nani Singh who is a scientist
  • Chanelle Peloso in the role of Petra Smith 
  • Shannon Chan-Kent in the role of Iara
  • Kurt Yaeger in the role of Dillon Conner 
  • Carlena Britch in the role of Paula Carbone 

Along with them, there can also be certain additions to the cast of the third season.

Another Life Season 3 Plot

Before getting into the prospective storyline of the third season let us first take a dig into the events that happened in the previous seasons as the same may be hinting towards the expected plot of the upcoming season. 

In the finale episode of the second season, astronaut Niko, Erik along with the others finds out that the aliens with whom they are coping up may not be the actual Achaians but a fake formation of them. Niko takes the support of a computer virus to get down the artifact on Earth. Afterward, she catches up with her daughter.

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Bernie and Zayn decide to get married. It seems like the activities of Niko will not only set Earth free but also hundreds of other planets throughout the galaxy. The last season concludes as humanity introduces friendly tasks for these planets.

In the upcoming season, we may see the actual Achaians appear for the first time on earth. The reason behind the formation of such a civilized and genocidal AI will be disclosed. Humanity would probably emerge as a force for betterment in the galaxy, denying the myth about the Achaian AI. This time Cas may be seen leading the mission.

Another Life Season 3 Trailer

As of now, there is no update for the renewal of the series for its third season and we haven’t heard any word also regarding the development so we probably cannot expect any trailer anytime soon.


The series went average with audiences and the statement made by Katee Sackhoff also somehow confirmed that the series at the time of beginning only, was all set with the storyline of the three seasons all together so we hope to get any positive information soon until then stay tuned.

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