Who is Anthony Padilla Wife? Revealing the Truth Behind His D@ting Life

Daniel Anthony Padilla is a YouTuber and actor based in the United States. He rose to notoriety after co-founding the YouTube channel Smosh alongside Ian Hecox, as well as co-producing and appearing in the sketch comedy videos uploaded to the channel between the years 2005 and 2017, and alongside Hecox beginning in 2023.

So, in this blog, we have provided information on Anthony Padilla’s wife, age, height, father, and girlfriend; therefore, it is important that you read this blog all the way through to complete it.

Who is Anthony Padilla’s Wife?

Right now, Anthony Padilla is not married. Since his teen years, this American actor has been in numerous partnerships. In 2010, He d@ted Kalel Cullen, a popular YouTuber who later became an ex-boyfriend. They had been living together for four years before deciding to split up in 2014.

The couple met in 2010 and started d@ting the following year, becoming engaged in 2013. However, they broke up in December 2014. Anthony Padilla spent some time concentrating on himself and his profession after his breakup with Kalel.

His romantic life was the subject of periodic speculation and gossip, despite his efforts to keep his private life under wraps.

Anthony Padilla Wife

The former couple created a joint channel on YouTube called WatchUsLiveAndStuff. From then on, Daniel Anthony Padilla dated Miel Bredouw from 2015 to 2018. Miel is a well-known face on the social media platforms Instagram and Vine (an American video hosting service). A lot of photos of them together can be found on his Instagram account (@anthonypadilla).

When Anthony revealed his stunning new girlfriend, Lauren “Mykie” Mychal, in December 2019, he caused quite a stir. Five months had passed since they’d first started d@ting. As far as anyone knows, Anthony is no longer a loner in the d@ting scene. We enjoy getting together with other people who make content.

Anthony made a post on Instagram where he wrote: “@mykie is the most wonderful human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and i’m fortunate enough to call her my girlfriend.”

You can see the post down below:


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A post shared by Anthony Padilla (@anthonypadilla)

Mykie is a well-known YouTuber and Instagram star who specializes in beauty and special effects makeup and who has earned a large following thanks to her tutorials and transformation videos. Because of her originality, talent, and expertise, Mykie has amassed a sizable fan base and established herself as a leader in the cosmetics industry.

The gifted content producer seems to share Anthony’s adoration, as he has made cameos on her social media. We’ll be on the lookout for them because romance is our favorite genre.

Is Anthony Padilla G@y?

Anthony is a famous person who has never hidden the fact that he is g@y. He is also well-liked for his people skills and independent mind.

However, he has made it plain that his personal life and professional life are separate by discussing his romantic interests. Okay, so maybe he just wants to look important.

He explained his sexuality in some detail in a video that he uploaded to YouTube under the heading “Am I G@y?”

As long as it’s bringing in money, nobody should care how he does it. To be clear, Anthony is not g@y and has not been seen with any g@y men in the recent past or the present.

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