Ao Haru Ride Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Much More

A long time has passed but the craze and the demand have not declined for Ao Haru Ride Season 2. What is the renewal status of this critically acclaimed series? We have clubbed all the details here, let’s analyze the possibilities of Ao Haru Ride Season 2.

One of the best shojo series of 2014, Ao Haru Ride was an adaptation of the best manga series of 2013-2014. This comedy-drama, also known as Blue Spring Ride, was produced by Production I.G and directed by Ai Yoshimura. We had also seen a different strategy to promote the anime. A limited version drama series was released on 23 May 2014, in the form of 10 volumes CD bundled starring anime cast. Apart from this,  the popularity of manga was so high that it received several adaptations during the time. It was adapted for the novelization, a live-action film, and also the CD adaptation. This manga-adapted series managed to hit 7.5 marks on the rating scale of IMDb. Despite this much popularity and appreciation, the anime did not renew for another season, after years of wait also. The fans are still wondering whether there will be another season or if it will be canceled. Let’s find out the possibilities! Will the makers ever set their mind to come back with a brand new season of Ao Haru Ride?

Release Date of Ao Haru Ride Season 2

The fans might be disappointed with the news that the wait is still not over for another season. The creators of anime have kept tight-lipped on the revival of the story. It has been seven years but as per the speculations, it could be an indefinite period as there seems no interest of the makers to return with a new season. Production I.G.has not given any production orders for season 2 of this critically acclaimed series.

There were some gossips that season 2 will not return. To be crisp, this is not true. As season 2 neither received renewal orders nor got canceled. The renewal of any story depends on two major factors.

Ao Haru Ride Season 2
Ao Haru Ride Season 2

First is the source material, which gives the negative indication for renewal in this case. The adapted manga ended in 2015 only, and most of the volumes were already adapted. So, this hints towards cancellation. The other major factor that comes in, is the profit graphs and the reception of the story. This factor serves as the hope for another installment. As the series was a big hit and it secured appreciation across the globe. 

So, if we conclude there are 50-50 chances. Considering the popularity, the creators may bring another season to our list, or in the lack of content, it may not be revived. Let’s wait for the official announcement on the same, but we keep our hopes high for the story to continue at least with season 2.

The cast of Ao Haru Ride Season 2

It may not be correct to comment on the cast of season 2, as the anime is still on the waiting list for renewal. We already enjoyed the previous performances of the characters, which were appreciated by the critics as well. We may witness some of the original cast along with additional characters if the makers bring another season for us. Following is the list of season 1 characters, who could be part of another season.

  • Futaba Yoshioka  voiced by Maaya Uchida
  • Kou Mabuchi voiced by Yūki Kaji 
  • Yuri Makita voiced by Ai Kayano
  • Yōichi Tanaka voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Tōma Kikuchi voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka 

If the makers come up with the list of the cast after the renewal, we will update the space.

The plotline of Ao Haru Ride Season 2

In the finale, we saw Futaba looking for the new journey of her life. Both Futaba and her love, Kou started their lives in a new way. It is expected that season 2 will bring more changes in their life, and we will see complications in their relationship. How will they realize their love? It is a big question, but surely it will be complicated. Will they be separated? The chances are pretty low for this, but we will see more drama in their relationship. It would be a super dramatic and challenging phase of their lives. Let’s wait for season 2 to unveil the twisted story and their love triangles.

What is Ao Haru Ride all about? The story serves the journey of a 16-year-old girl named Futaba who was actively working to change her personality for good. Then she met her childhood love, Kou who moved to another town. Later they admit their love for each other after a lot of complications and start a new journey. 


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Trailer of Ao Haru Ride Season 2

For the trailer, we have to wait for a long time. Season 2 is yet to receive confirmation. There are half and half chances for renewal and cancellation. Let us wait for the final decision on the story. 

We will be back with more such stories, keep visiting to grab it all. 

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