Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List: Here Are All The Characters In The FPP Shooting Game

Owing to the ban of PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground) in several countries, the craze of multiplayer games is increasing day by day. And it seems the FPS battle royale game Apex Legends is winning the hearts. After the huge success of 6th season, here we have the 7th season of Apex Legends. In this season, the developers have introduced a new map, Olympus, meta shifts and most of the legends has received buffs. Thus after the update which is the character in the Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List? To find out, read more about your favourite characters to know their latest abilities.

Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List

Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List

Apex of Legends offer you 15 Legends to choose from and all of them has their own special abilities and you can choose any legend to lead your team to victory. To help you to choose your favourite legend, here we have compiled a list of each of them according to their tiers. To make your selection process easy, we have listed character’s strengths along with their weakness.

S- Tier:

  • Wraith
  1. Voices from the Void (passive).
  2. Into the Void(tactical).
  3. Dimensional Rift – Links two different locations with portals for a total of 60 seconds. 
  • Pathfinder
  1. Insider Knowledge (passive).
  2. Grappling Hook (tactical).
  3. Zipline Gun – Helps by creating a zipline for everyone to use.
  • Lifeline
  1. Combat Medic(passive).
  2. Heal Drone (tactical).
  3. Care Package – Call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive loot.


  • Bloodhound
  1. Tracker(passive).
  2. Eye of the Allfather (tactical).
  3. Beast of the Hunt(ultimate).
  • Wattson
  1. Spark of Genius(passive).
  2. Perimeter Security (tactical).
  3. Interception Pylon(ultimate).


  • Mirage 
  1. Now You See Me (passive).
  2. Psyche Out (tactical).
  3. Life of the Party (ultimate).
  • Octane
  1. Swift Mend (passive).
  2. Stim(tactical).
  3. Launch Pad(ultimate).
  • Loba
  1. Eye for QualityBurglar’s (passive).
  2. Best Friend(tactical).
  3. Black Market Boutique (ultimate).
  • Horizon
  1. Spacewalk(passive).
  2. Gravity Lift(tactical).
  3. Black Hole (ultimate).
  • Gibraltar
  1. Gun Shield (passive).
  2. Dome of Protection (tactical).
  3. Defensive Bombardment(ultimate).
  • Caustic
  1. Nox Vision (passive).
  2. Nox Gas Trap (tactical).
  3. Nox Gas Grenade (ultimate).
  • Rampart
  1. Modded Loader (passive).
  2. Amped Cover (tactical).
  3. Emplaced Minigun ‘Shiela’ (ultimate).
  • Banglore
  1. Double Time (passive).
  2. Smoke Launcher (tactical).
  3. Rolling Thunder (ultimate).


  • Revenant
  1. Stalker (passive).
  2. Silence (tactical).
  3. Death Totem (ultimate).
  • Crypto
  1. Neurolink (passive).
  2. Surveillance Drone (tactical).
  3. Drone EMP (ultimate).

Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List: Final Thoughts

The 7th season of Apex Legends is going to be rocky, due to some controversy surrounding the Battle Pass changes. After the new update, the fans seem to be enjoying the new maps and the new players of Apex Legends Season 7 Characters Tier List. However, time can only tell us that the Olympus stays is going to stay in people’s minds or they are just waiting for the opportune moment until World’s Edge and King’s Canyon make a return.

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