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Apex Season 13 Release Date Status, Leaks, Trailer, Map changes and More (UPDATED)

It’s been a few months since Apex Legends’ twelfth season began, so it’s time for gamers to start thinking about the upcoming release date for Apex Legends Season 13. With so many Apex Legends characters leaked last month, the upcoming season is sure to be thrilling, and we’ve got you covered with all the newest leaks and rumors.

While it may seem as if Mad Maggie has been around since the beginning of Apex Legends, the current season, nicknamed ‘Defiance,’ began on February 8 and she has only been on the team since then. If you look at the usual length of a season, we’re nearing the Apex Legends Season 13 release date.

Even though we have no idea when Season 13 will begin or what we may look forward to, the following is the most recent information we have at this time. After a lot of work by data miners, it appears that there is a lot of intriguing new content to be found in the game’s files.
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Release Date of APEX Legends Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 is slated for release on May 10th, 2022.

Apex Legends’ current season will come to a finish on May 10th. Season 13 is expected to begin on the same day as Season 12 – thus we can expect it to begin later in the day. Of course, until we hear more from official sources, we should treat this with caution.


Newcastle, a support legend with a wide range of defensive abilities, was revealed in a recent Apex Legends leak. Normally, we’d be wary of leaks like this, but this gaming footage is so detailed that it’s incredibly believable. Last-minute adjustments may still be necessary, but Newcastle is ready to go.

The alleged clip has some placeholder peculiarities, such as Newcastle employing Mirage’s opening select screen position, but we expect small issues like this to be fixed before Season 13 is released. Jackson Williams was revealed in a Stories from the Outlands film in early January as the brother of Bangalore.

Apex Season 13 Release Date

Even though we know Jackson is assumed deceased at some time in the future, the film focuses on Jackson’s IMC background. As a reminder, we don’t consider somebody dead unless we see a body. Maggie is back, isn’t she? In the comics, she fell to her death, only to enter the Apex Games a year after. There’s a good probability that Jackson and Newcastle have more in common than we previously imagined, based on their physical likeness.


Respawn Entertainment senior producer Josh Medina has hinted at the return of Skull Town in a recent tweet. One of Apex Legends’ early battle royale maps was ruined in Season 5, however, Skull Town remained until the end of Season 6. Skull Town and the original Kings Canyon were reintroduced to the game as part of the Genesis Collection Event in 2021, but the map was quickly turned back.

Early in April, a teaser showed a big warning sign with the message: deep-sea seismic event identified. Another teaser was released. Whether this refers to Newcastle’s arrival or a new map, we don’t know.

New Weapons for APEX LEGENDS Season 13

A few additional weapons for Apex Legends were also shown off in the leak. For Season 13, the Nemesis, a model of an energy assault rifle, is expected to be added to the game. To activate the Nemesis’ automated mode, you must inflict enough damage on an enemy; otherwise, it will fire in bursts of three.

That concludes our research into Apex Legends Season 13. Check out our Apex Legends weapons tier list to see which weapons to strive for on the battlefield if you haven’t played in a while. If you’re looking for something new to play, be sure to have a look at our selection of the finest multiplayer games.

Apex Legends Season 13 Trailer

Apex Legends’ Savior season premiere trailer shows off Newcastle’s abilities, as well as some action-packed battles and a monstrous sea monster.

Apex Season 13 Storm Point Map changes

The Apex roster is shown fighting and conquering a gigantic sea creature on the shores of Storm Point in the Savior’s debut video. A dead leviathan POI on Storm Point near The Mill is exactly what previous leaks revealed and showed. It’s safe to presume that the leak was accurate and that players will get access to the POI’s interior during Season 13, even if we haven’t seen any official gameplay footage yet.

Respawn is expected to provide additional information regarding Apex Legends Season 13 in the coming weeks, but this is all we know for now. You can be sure that we’ll keep this hub up to date as soon as the developers release any new information.

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