Apple Fitness Plus: Release Date Status, Price and Everything You Need to Know

In a recent virtual event (which happened in September), Apple has announced the release of an application that will blow your minds away. Yes, that’s right! Apple is going to be launching a health and fitness app by the end of 2020. And it will be known as Apple Fitness Plus.

The app will work with the help of Apple watch. Although, the user can display his workout metrics on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV as well.
This application will allow Apple users to choose from various workouts while being on the go.

These workouts will have trainers, music and also a certain time. The best part is that users don’t have to worry about hitting the gym or at a specific time. You can open the app and start your workout any time of the day; whenever you are free.


Apple Fitness+ Subscription Cost

The Apple Fitness Plus app will cost $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$14.99 every month and $79.99 / £79.99 / AU$119.99 yearly. However, there is another way to avail the app as well.

Some days back, Apple released Apple One, which is a way for its user to buy multiple Apple services as a package. Apple One is further divided into three tiers which vary in price and subscriptions. In the premium tier of Apple one, users will be able to avail the Fitness Plus app along with Apple TV Plus, News Plus, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Furthermore, users will also get 2 TB of iCloud storage. If you want to make payment for Apple One Premiere tier, then it will cost you $29.95 / £29.95 / AU$39.95 every month.

In addition to this, Apple will give its watch owners a 1 month trial of Fitness Plus so that they can enjoy the app and find out why it is a necessity for them. Also, if you buy an Apple watch which belongs to Series 3 or above, you will get 3 months of a free trial.

Essentials Required to Use Apple Fitness Plus Subscription

To use this app, you need to have an Apple Watch. On top of this, the watch needs to be Apple Watch 3 or above. You will not be able to use the app on any model older than that. Also, the watch needs to have the latest watchOS 7 software so that it can be linked to other devices.

Subscription is another essential for users to make use of the app. The app can then be connected to iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, which need to be updated to the latest version to view metrics. Since the app is compatible with GymKit, you can view metrics such as the speed you are running at as well.


Apple fitness Plus presents a variety of pre-recorded interactive videos to the user. These videos range from simple workouts like treadmill runs to core building exercises.

To access the videos, you will need an Apple device to play it on like an iPhone or Apple TV. The subscription also requires you to have an Apple watch to record information like the number of calories burned, work out time, heart rate, etc.

The videos basically have a trainer that shows you how to correctly perform each exercise so that you can reap maximum benefits from your workout. They will also make sure to keep you motivated so that you don’t give up midway.

Additionally, your stats will be recorded as you work out and if special attention is required for a special stat, the metric for it will expand. So basically the Apple Fitness Plus provides pre-recorded videos along with dynamic and interactive stats based on your effort.

Apple Fitness Plus also gives you the option of customising your workout plan based on your goal, which may be losing weight, building a lean body or maintain your current body weight.


Unfortunately, you can’t set up challenges with your friends which is a major set back as challenges are a great way to remain motivated and push yourself harder. But Apple Fitness Plus does have burn bars. These bars compare your stats with those of other users to show your progress compared to that of an average user for each exercise.

This platform also allows you to maintain a balanced gym routine. For example, if you’ve been doing a lot of running or high-intensity workouts, it will show videos more focused on stretching and cross-training in your suggestions.

Apple Fitness Plus also has workout plans based on your current exercise status. If you’re a beginner who has just started working out, you can choose the ‘absolute beginner’ class and gradually ease into harder classes.

Trainers offered:

Apple Fitness Plus will offer its users a variety of trainers offering different exercises. These trainers will make special appearances in each other’s videos. The main purpose behind this is to make all users accustomed to the different trainers just like they would in a gym.

Amidst the whole pandemic, this health and fitness app is exactly what people need so that they can work out and stay healthy without coming in contact with people. So, how many of you are eagerly waiting for the launch of the app and will be trying it out?

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