Apple Had the M1 Mac Pro Ready to Ship Months Ago, but a Redesign of the Mac Mini is Unlikely

All of Apple’s Mac models are being upgraded to use their custom A-series chips. Recently, the company introduced an updated version of the M-series chip, which boasts faster processing speeds and lower power consumption.

But the Mac Pro is one of the last Macs to feature M-series processors. The latest information suggests that the Mac Pro with an M1 custom chip was ready to ship “months ago,” but the company held off in favor of the M2 Extreme.

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M1 Mac Pro Was Ready to Ship Months Ago

The hypothesis is also put forth that the Mac mini will not be updated anytime soon. Read on for a supplementary explanation of this matter.

In an interview with Max Tech on YouTube, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple had been holding the Mac Pro with a variant of the M1 chip in exchange for the even more powerful M2 Extreme chip.

Apple Had M1 Mac Pro Ready Ship Months Ago Redesign Mac Mini Unlikely
Apple Had M1 Mac Pro Ready Ship Months Ago Redesign Mac Mini Unlikely

Later this year, Apple is expected to release the M2 Extreme-powered Mac Pro. According to Gurman, the new machine and processor will be previewed by Apple later this year, with a launch expected in the first quarter of 2023.

It was speculated at first that Apple would unveil the new Mac Pro at WWDC 2022 in June. In spite of this, Apple only revealed the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch models with the M2 chip.

Apple also alluded at its Spring event that a Mac Pro with custom silicon is something to be discussed at a later time. Gurman hints that the Mac mini will not be updated anytime soon, unlike the Mac Pro with an M2 Extreme chip.

Former speculation had it that Apple was developing a new Mac mini that would be thinner and feature a plexiglass top. As of yet, however, official information about the gadget is lacking.

Gurman drew comparisons between the Mac mini and Mac Studio, which led him to conclude that the next iteration of the Mac mini would merely have better internals.

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