Apple is Increasing Its Supplier List Ahead of the release of the iPhone 14 This Fall

With the anticipated fall unveiling of the iPhone 14 series, Apple has been gearing up to begin mass production in the coming weeks. Apple, however, is expanding its list of suppliers for the upcoming iPhone 14 models as the company experiences supply issues.

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On Twitter, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that SG Micro’s components had been certified as meeting Apple’s standards for the 14th generation of iPhones. The Chinese integrated-circuits specialist joins Apple’s roster of manufacturers for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple Is Increasing Its Supplier List

This year’s iPhones will feature integrated power management circuits from SG Micro, which are responsible for managing the battery and the level shifter. Kuo says this marks the first time SG Micro has supplied components for Apple’s high-end products, boosting sales for the Chinese firm and increasing demand for the iPhone 14.

The analyst adds that the partnership with SG Micro suggests the company’s chips “have reached the Tier 1 level” of technical sophistication necessary for incorporation into high-end electronic gadgets. Apple also started working with new camera component suppliers earlier this year in preparation for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple Increasing Supplier List Ahead release iPhone 14 This Fall
Apple Increasing Supplier List Ahead release iPhone 14 This Fall

According to a report, COVID-19 lockdowns in China caused the iPhone 14’s production to be pushed back by three weeks. Analyst Jeff Pu confirmed these rumors, saying that the delays were most severe for the iPhone 14 Max (the new 6.7-inch mid-range model that will replace the iPhone mini).

Kuo also predicted recently that Apple would face supply issues with the iPhone 14 due to its mass production. The analyst, however, predicts that these problems will have a “limited impact” on new phone sales. That’s because Apple places orders for millions of parts months before a product’s official release, allowing plenty of time to manufacture a large number of units.

However, there may be a severe shortage of the iPhone 14 upon release due to the ongoing chip shortage. Even though the new M2 MacBook Air debuted in stores last week, shipping estimates have recently slipped to late August. The iPad wasn’t the only product with delivery issues.

In September, Apple is rumored to release four new iPhone 14 models, though the new Pro models will be the only ones with significant upgrades like a redesigned screen.

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