Apple-related News From MWC 2019 Including ESIM Augmented Reality And 5G

Last week, Mobile World Congress took place, and if you’re an Apple devotee, you may have missed a rush of exciting headlines about the event. Although MWC is primarily an Android event, there are a few new iPhones and other announcements that may be of interest to Apple fans. Here are the five most important things that Apple fans should know after a week of news:

Reality Pro Is Already Changing AR

On the first day of the event, one of the biggest surprises occurred. Xiaomi, a company best known for its Android smartphones, recently unveiled a prototype of augmented reality smart glasses. The glasses reportedly have hand gesture controls, “retina-level” displays, and a wire-free build.

You may be thinking of Apple’s rumored Reality Pro augmented reality headset. Even though the design isn’t for everyone and it’s still in the prototype stage, Apple’s headset is already affecting the augmented reality (AR) market.

Improved Versions Of MagSafe Are On The Horizon

The Q12 standard was announced at CES based on Apple’s “magnetic power profile,” The first Qi2 magnetic chargers for Android phones were shown off at MWC; they look much like MagSafe.

They are iPhone-compatible right out of the box. Maybe after two years of Apple letting MagSafe sit idle, we’ll see some fantastic third-party peripherals.

You must be like it:-

Apple Has Dumped Qualcomm

It was difficult to spot an iPhone on the MWC floor, but it didn’t stop attendees from discussing it. CEO Cristiano Amon of Qualcomm also had a lot to say, focusing on the iPhone modem the company produces: “We’re making no plans for 2024, my planning assumption is we’re not offering [Apple] a modem in ’24, but they decide to make.” As Android phones have had Qualcomm’s 5G modem for years, the next iPhone 15 will be the last iPhone to use. Users won’t notice much difference, but Apple now has even more control over the iPhone.

The Isim Replaces The ESIM

The Isim Replaces The ESIM
The Isim Replaces The ESIM

Apple caught everyone by surprise in the United States by making the iPhone 14 completely eSIM-compatible. Despite the initial difficulties, everyone benefited greatly, and now many Android phones are adopting it. And iSIM, the successor to SIM, is already available.

Qualcomm has introduced a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU for premium Android phones with an embedded SIM, making it even smaller and more power-efficient than eSIM. Apple would immediately adopt this technological development, but we haven’t heard any rumors about Apple using iSIM with the new A17 CPU.

Us-Sanctioned Huawei Shows Force At Mobile Conference

This week, Huawei Technologies Co. tried to prove its resilience at the mobile industry’s largest annual conference. Trade constraints forced the Shenzhen-based tech giant to produce gadgets without essential American components, so it took up roughly three-quarters of Hall One at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, totaling 14,000 square metres (150,690 square feet).

Us-Sanctioned Huawei Shows Force At Mobile Conference
Us-Sanctioned Huawei Shows Force At Mobile Conference

Despite Huawei’s reputation for lavish event spending, this year’s exhibit was around two American football fields, 50% larger than the previous year. Huawei’s lavish Barcelona showcase shows that it’s still in business.

Huawei’s net income fell 40% to 27.2 billion yuan ($3.8 billion) in the first three quarters of 2022 after US fines nearly smothered its once-thriving smartphone market. is a good resource for this information.

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