New Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

There have been rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a number of special features and a higher price tag. However, a new report claims that even the base iPhone 14 models will get a price increase, despite being otherwise identical to their predecessors.

Wedbush Securities head and well-known analyst Dan Ives said that the rise in costs was due to inflation in the supply chain.

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“We believe a $100 price increase is coming for the iPhone 14,” explained Ives. “Prices have been increasing across the whole supply chain, and Cupertino needs to pass these costs to the consumer on this release.”

Apple Reveals iPhone 14 Price Stock

If reports about the iPhone 14 lineup are to be believed, it will consist of the following models.

iPhone 14 – $899 (iPhone 13 $799)

iPhone 14 Max – $999 (iPhone 13 Mini $699)

iPhone 14 Pro – $1099 (iPhone 13 Pro $999)

iPhone 14 Pro Max – $1199 (iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099)

Apple Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock
Apple Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

The biggest financial hit comes with the range’s entry price jumping from $699 to $899, which is especially painful for standard models, which will sport the same design, rear cameras, and chipset as the iPhone 13. Apple’s decision to replace the iPhone 13 Mini (5.4 inches) with the iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inches; also speculated to be called the “iPhone 14 Plus”) is largely responsible for this nearly 30 percent increase, as it relegates the iPhone 14 to the position of the entry-level model.

A gap of that magnitude would be shocking. It would be difficult to sell, too. After the release of a new iPhone model, Apple typically continues to sell the previous generation’s model at a discount. If Apple repeats this strategy, consumers would be foolish not to go with the nearly identical iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Mini (which could be as low as $599).

One widely held alternative viewpoint exists within the market. That is, Apple will keep the iPhone 14’s price the same as the iPhone 13, and instead of a $200 price jump at the entry-level, there will be a $100 increase due to the absence of an iPhone 14 Mini. However, this could be overly optimistic because it does not factor in the increase in prices throughout the supply chain.

So, is it worth it to upgrade? Coupled with the widespread speculation that Apple will switch from the Lightning connector to USB-C for iPhones in 2023, I wouldn’t recommend making any upgrades this year unless you absolutely have to. Nonetheless, the size of the deposits made by suppliers suggests that we are in for yet another super cycle.

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