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You Lie in April, also known as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso in Japanese, is a romantic drama animation show based on the Manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. Kodansha published it in the monthly shonen magazine.

With its popularity, the Manga was adapted into a romantic musical drama called you to lie in April, which Kyohei Ishiguro directed, Takao Yoshioka writing under the studio A-1 pictures.

The show premiered from 9 October 2014 to 19 March 2015 with a list of 22 episodes. It was aired on the popular Japanese television network Fuji TV. There is also a light novel and an original video animation with a runtime of 23 minutes.

It has been six years since You Lie in April Season 1 went off the air, but there is no announcement on You Lie in April Season 2; this is all that we have for You Lie in April Season 2.

You Lie in April Season 2

Season one of the show was aired in 2014, and since then, there is no information for season 2. A1 pictures have revealed no news regarding the renewal or the cancellation.

If you follow the show and search on the web, you might have noticed multiple rumors for season 2, and some fan-made trailers are getting viral. However, nothing has been officially confirmed. We know that most Japanese anime take several years to renew or to come back on the television. Some shows have returned for a sequel after a decade. So, there is nothing to pout over or be sad about as there is still a chance that the popular anime will return for a sequel. If so, we might get to see the show by the end of 2022 or 2023.

You Lie in April Characters

You Lie in April is a multicast show, and mostly everyone in season 1 is returning for season 2.

The characters of the show are Kosei Arima (a child prodigy in playing piano), Kaori Miyazono (a free spritted violinist), Tsubaki Sawabe (Kosei’s childhood friend), Ryota Watari (Kosei’s and Tsubaki’s childhood friend), Takeshi Aiza (a pianist), Emi Igawa (pianist), Nagi Aiza (Takeshi’s younger sister), Saki Arima (Kosei’s mother), Hiroko Seto (Saki’s close friend and nationally renowned pianist), Koharu Seto (daughter of Hiroko), Saito (Tsubaki’s baseball playing senior), and Nao Kashiwagi (Tsubaki’s friend)

The Storyline of You Lie in April

You Lie in April is a beautiful, emotional musical show based on the life of Kosei Arima. The show starts with his passion for piano and how he wants to become the most famous among all the other child musicians. However, life becomes more demanding and tougher as he loses his loved ones.


Kosei lost his mother, who was also his instructor during a piano recital. When he could no longer bear the pain, he stopped playing piano as the sound was unbearable. He did not touch his piano for two years and lived in a monotone world without any color. His friends Tsubaki and Watari helped him live a content and happy life. Still, when he started to recover from the grief, a beautiful girl named  Miyazono Kaori entered the life and re-introduced him to music.

She was a pretty free-spirited violinist whose playing style reflected her personality. She assists Kosei in bringing music back into his life and helps him play the piano again. But the tragedy enters his life again as he loses the love of his life a second time when Kaori dies.

This moment made the viewers cry their hearts out as the story has been written and projected very well in the Manga and even in the television animation series. Kosei later discovers that Kaori always wanted to play piano with him, and she had same feelings for him. With this sad incomplete Love story the plot of the story ends. Now the fans of the show want to know no how did Kosei’s life go further.

You Lie in April Season 2 Trailer

Trailer for season 2 has not been released as creators have not given any green signals for renewal. If the season 2 renews we will get the official trailer two months before its release on YouTube and Netflix. Keep visiting us for all the updates of the show.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can we stream You Lie in April?

Your lie in April is streaming online on Hulu and Crunchyroll. It is also available in English on Netflix.

How popular is You Lie in April?

There are 934 ratings on Google with an average of 4.8 stars. IMDB rates the show with 4.5 stars, 20,000 votes and gives a rating of 8.6/10. My crunchyroll gave it 5 stars with 4.9 rating and 1000 votes. On myanimelist the show is regarded as a masterpiece with almost 90,000 votes and 4.5 stars. 

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