Aquaman 2: Release Date Status, Characters, Storyline, And Some More Updates!

Aquaman 2 is finally happening, folks! From December 2022 onward, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will rule the deep blue sea. The box office success of Arthur Curry is unparalleled among DC Comics characters. Since Aquaman hit theaters in 2017, its sequel was inevitable – in fact, it’s the most eagerly anticipated of all DC movies.

The evolution is something of a sea-change for a character who has been the brunt of the joke in comic-book circles – from Family Guy to Entourage – and has traditionally come in second place to the legendary trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Thanks to Jason Momoa’s wisecracking performance in the lead role, Curry has risen to the top table of heroes and a makeover inspired by DC’s New 52 comics.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Momoa returns with co-stars Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and director James Wan (The Conjuring, Fast & Furious 7). The film promises to surpass the epic underwater action of the original while taking Aquaman to new places.

With Aquaman 2 production now complete and its release date set for December 2022. Therefore, now is the time to find out what to expect from the upcoming film. From cast announcements to speculation on the identity of the Lost Kingdom, here are all the details.

There’s no doubt that this one is going to make waves.

Aquaman 2 Release Date

Aquaman 2 will be releasing on December 16, 2022, as part of a big year for DC films (The Batman, Black Adam, and The Flash are also in plan). It is possible that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have inadvertently drawn into the most hotly contested box office battle of the year.

Due to landing on Earth, the same day as Avatar 2 may make Arthur Curry’s traditional foes look like small fry. One of the blockbusters may move before December – the big question, of course, is who will blink first.

Unlike Aquaman 1, which was filmed on the Gold Coast in Australia, Aquaman 2 was primarily filmed in the UK. However, as all the underwater scenes are filmed in a studio and the actors are supported by sophisticated harnesses, it shouldn’t significantly impact the look of the movie.

Director James Wan announced in an Instagram post in January 2022 that principal photography had ended on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom:

Aquaman 2 Story

As the DC Extended Universe is less focused on creating an interconnected, MCU-style shared universe for its characters, the only concrete information we have about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom plot is that the movie is being scripted by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Previously, he worked with director James Wan on two Conjuring films and the first Aquaman movie.

During DC’s virtual FanDome event in August 2020, Wan teased that the second film would be more serious and relevant to the world we live in today. “I think that’s the direction it is heading.”

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Aquaman 2

Since Arthur Curry has embraced Aquaman’s classic gold and green armor, obtained the Trident of Atlantis, and become the rightful ruler of Atlantis, what does all of this mean for him? In the first movie, he and the water-manipulating Mera appeared to be in a good place, but Hollywood convention and the demands of storytelling suggest that it won’t be plain sailing this time around. 

As it stands, Orm is unlikely to make life easy for his half-brother – though Wilson’s Instagram post from early in production may have muddied the waters somewhat, with its cryptic hashtag #brothersdontshakehandsbrothersgottahug? Is a family reconciliation possible? Considering Warner’s official Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom synopsis, could Orm be “the unlikely ally” Aquaman must “forge an easy alliance with” in order to protect Atlantis, and the world, from irreversible destruction?”

An on-set photo posted by director James Wan in June 2021 may have offered up some clues about the ‘Lost Kingdom’ of Aquaman 2.

DC comics is abuzz with talk of ‘Necrus’ mentions on the clapperboard. This underwater dome city is also known as Black City, and it is ruled by Mongo, a self-proclaimed hater of surface-dwellers. Black City has no fixed location, and only appears for brief moments at a time. The unconfirmed role Pilou Asbaek might be playing would make him a prime candidate to be the movie’s main antagonist.

In spite of Mongo being the main villain. Black Manta, aka David Kane, seems poised to play a larger role in Aquaman 2.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II told Variety that his character is more mature now that he has more time to breathe. “So we get to know him and some of his values and some of his motivations.”. In Aquaman 2, we can hopefully show more of David Kane.

It was mainly about Black Manta in the first film,” he said. “And with this one, I hope we can get to know David Kane better and see how he ticks, as well as what he wants and struggles with.”

Black Manta’s father was killed during a submarine skirmish during the first movie, and Black Manta sought revenge on him. As he has survived their previous encounter by the skin of his teeth.  even when armed with superpowered Atlantean weapons – he is unlikely to stop until Arthur Curry is dead. 

The character of Dr. Stephen Shin from the Aquaman reboot will probably assist Black Manta. Shin promised to help Black Manta find Aquaman if Black Manta provided him with solid evidence of Atlantis’ existence during the Aquaman end credits scene.

Black Manta’s mission to exact revenge may turn out to be bad news for Thomas Curry — if he decides to murder the father of the man he believes killed his father to exact revenge.

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also return to the Trench. The dark, scary ocean region where Atlanna was imprisoned by the monsters in Aquaman. Especially after Warner Bros decides to drop the film spin-off for The Trench (as reported by Variety).

Aquaman 2 Cast

According to what we know so far, here is the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast:

  • Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Jason Momoa
  • Amber Heard in the role of Mera
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta/David Kane
  • Nicola Kidman in the role of Queen Atlanna
  • Patrick Wilson plays Orm
  • Dr. Stephen Shin is played by Randall Park
  • King Nereus as played by Dolph Lundgren
  • Tom Curry as Temuera Morrison
  • Indya Moore in the role of Karshon
  • In the role of Stingray, Jani Zhao
  • Atlan portrayed by Vincent Regan
  • Pilou Asbaek, to be determined

Jason Momoa’s return to the role of Arthur Curry/Aquaman was inevitable following the success of the first movie. After Aquaman, Justice League in both versions, and a very brief cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Amber Heard confirmed she would be returning as Xebelian princess Mera via Instagram, despite the (seemingly unfounded) rumors that she wouldn’t be returning.

Aquaman 2 Trailer: When can we see it?

No, unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. We’re a little early for the full Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer since principal photography only wrapped at the beginning of this year. In September 2021, Jason Momoa posted a picture of Aquaman’s new black Stealth Suit on Instagram that you can see here

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