Are You A Soldier Poet Or King Test? The Soldier Or King Quiz Is Going Viral On Tiktok

Some people are still attempting to figure out what the point of the “soldier, poet, or king test” is. If you take the widely-known Uquiz test, it will tell you if you are “a soldier, a poet, or a monarch” based on your responses to a series of questions. The Oh Hellos’ “Soldier, Poet, King” served as major musical inspo for this examination. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Are You A Soldier Poet Or King Test?

Are You A Soldier Poet Or King Test?
Are You A Soldier Poet Or King Test?

The most recent Uquiz quiz fires out a series of questions designed to help you better understand your own personality. Need instructions for this hot quiz? You must go to the Uquiz website immediately. On the homepage of this website, the quiz was introduced with the words, “There will come. The Oh Hellos’ Soldier, Poet, and King served as a major influence.

Having little or no Christian influence. It’s in your hands, so hopefully, you won’t suffocate. It was either brought to you or you picked it up yourself. “The sword is in your hands, and you picked it out,” I decided. “It wore your name long before you did.”

A question prompting “There are rules” is then displayed. Exactly how many are there? None and you will keep it this way, One, and you will follow it, Too many, alas.” My inner rebel demanded that I select “none,” so that’s what I did.

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The Soldier Poet Or King Quiz Is Going Viral On Tiktok

As players share their scores and react to their assigned category, the “soldier, poet, or monarch” quiz has gained massive popularity on TikTok. You may take the Uquiz here; it was inspired by a song by Oh Hellos called “Soldier, Poet, King.” All you have to do is fill in your name and click on the button that says “start quiz.”

Thereafter, you’ll be asked 20 questions to discover which of the three groups you belong in. It’s possible that some of the queries, such as “what are duties?” or “the throne appears…”, would seem obscure or even downright weird. After answering all of the questions, you’ll get a clear picture of which of the three groups you most closely identify with.

Users have been posting their results online, and some seem to be startled by the category that they fall into. But questionnaires like this only have the weight you give them, so the results could not mean much at all. However, it’s obvious that many who have tried it have found it at least mildly satisfying.

Where To Find Tiktok Soldier Poet Or King Quiz?

A TikTok quiz that claims to reveal whether you are a soldier, poet, or monarch has gone viral. The video-sharing website is a good example of a website that consistently provides enjoyable content. The platform has made an effort to ensnare its users with anything from viral cosmetic hacks to quizzes.

If you’ve been wondering where and how to take the viral Soldier, Poet, or King quiz, the results videos that netizens are sharing on TikTok should clear things up.

You can take the test on the website uQuiz, which is known for its trendy quizzes. Other than “what human feeling are you?” there are also “what’s your red flag?” and “which stereotype are you?” tests available on the site.

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