Arizona Vote Review ‘Made Up the Numbers’, Election Expert Say

In a recent claim, it has been disclosed that 836 more votes were counted than were recorded on campus, regardless of the fact that security monitored the records of approximately 3,600 voters, particularly abusive partners and police officers of nearby areas.

The motives behind all this have not been discovered yet and a claim that 5,295 Maricopa County voters may have voted twice because of the similar names and birth years amongst residents of neighboring towns was disproved by county officials and it has been found that the outsiders were not the people from the town but the different people from the bordered areas.

The election review shows politicized counting

Despite identical inspections proceeding in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas, it is becoming apparent that Arizona’s politicized investigations succeeded where the others actually failed in corroborating Mr. Trump’s allegations of a rigged election.

Raising baseless talking points as a method of failing in any factual way has surfaced. Nate Persili, a Stanford University law professor, election expert, and democracy scholar, anticipated that other states will follow Arizona’s pattern, with Republican political leaders’ approval.

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“The actual truth is far beyond the point for those who are supporting the fraud narrative,” he stated. “The assumption that the election was hacked is growing rapidly as a tribe-defining belief. At this point, it’s not about proving anything.

It’s about committing loyalty to a chosen form of reality.” In fact, in the wake of the initial Cyber Ninjas analysis, Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate revived their commitment to execute an election review that includes all seven million people’s license numbers and partial Social Security numbers of Pennsylvania’s voters.

Ballot shows differences in the accuracy of election results

Furthermore, a worksheet showing the outcomes of the hand count of 40 of those boxes was included in Cyber Ninjas’ final report on the election inquiry, which again was released a week ago. If all 1,600 boxes of ballots were likewise undercounted, the hand count could have missed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ballots, according to the three election experts.

Arizona Vote Review
Arizona Vote Review

The Arizona Republic was the first one to report on their findings. According to the Republican investigators’ final report, President Biden garnered 99 more votes than reported previously, whereas former President Donald J. Trump garnered 261 lower votes.

Moreover, considering the enormous undercount discovered in just a fraction of the 2.1 million ballots, the experts said it would be very impossible for Republican investigators to arrive at such satisfactory accuracy.

“We believe the Ninjas’ announcement that they had verified, to a high degree of accuracy, the election results of the country’s second-largest county is laughable,” the experts concluded, noting that the leaders of the Arizona review had “zero experience in election audits.”A representative for Cyber Ninjas, Rod Thomson, denied the claim of the report. He stated, “We stand behind our technique and complete the final report.”

Arizona Research Detected Corruption In the General Election

“The historic audit in Maricopa County is complete, and important findings have emerged,” said Republican state Senator Doug Mastriano, the chief proponent of the election review, in a statement last week. “Imagine what extensive forensic audits in other countries around the nation that process massive amounts of mail-in votes may discover if these types of concerns were detected in Maricopa County.

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In fact, election experts and Maricopa County administrators have criticized all 22 situations in which the Arizona investigations discovered proof of corruption. Sign multiple subpoenas issued to the head of the Milwaukee Election Commission, the largest county in the state and the most concentrated Democratic voter, there is a substantive request for documentation, including communication between the city and the state Election Commission, said Robin Vos, chairman of the Wisconsin State Parliament, on Friday.

Voss reaffirmed his commitment to investigate the 2020 elections in an interview this week, supposing that the administration was incorrect. “I feel we must acknowledge that even some things have been done improperly. If you don’t resolve them, you’ll destroy the public’s trust.” 

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