ARK Survival Ascended Release Date: What Can We Except?

ARK Survival Ascended, the sequel to the popular dinosaur survival game ARK Survival Evolved, is now available on Steam. This game chronicles the exploits of a player who is stranded on a dinosaur-infested island and must constantly develop bases and things to ensure their survival. They can also tame dinosaurs and employ them to gather resources for their survival.

Although the game is supported on consoles, it has yet to be released on those platforms. So, when will ARK Survival Ascended be available on consoles?

ARK Survival Ascended Release Date

According to Studio Wildcard, Survival Ascended will be available on Xbox on November 14, however, the PlayStation 5 versions will not be available until late November.

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All versions of the game were supposed to go live in October, however, there were some complications with the console versions that caused the delay. Once the console version is released, cross-platform play will be disabled until a patch that addresses the multiplayer bugs is released for both platforms.

ARK Survival Ascended Release Date

ARK Survival Ascended will be released for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 5. There are also reports that the game will be released for the Nintendo Switch, given that Survival Evolved is already accessible. As a result, there’s a probability that the Switch will be released later or after the Switch 2.

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Survival Ascended is currently only available on PC via Steam. The game can be obtained by making a direct purchase on the digital marketplace.

According to speculations, the game will be accessible on Game Pass at a later date. The fact that the game was released during the Xbox Partner Showcase gives credence to Survival Ascended finally making its way to the service.

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Given that the game has only recently gone live and that it is experiencing technical difficulties on PC, the developers may wish to wait a little longer before releasing it on consoles.

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