Army Of The Dead 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, trailer

The 2008 horror film Army of the dead is set to release its sequel on Netflix this year. Zack Synder, who failed his fate in the DC universe, is well ahead of bringing a new franchise at Netflix.

As for Zack Synder, Army of the Dead is going to be his first project for Netflix. This has to be his brilliant investment for a streaming joint. Army of the Dead, originally released in theatres in 2008, has recently been released on the world’s popular streaming site Netflix and has instantly gained many views.

There will be a prequel movie and an anime series for the Army of the Dead releasing this year later on Netflix, and now we also hear much news about Army of the dead 2. Zack Synder will keep this game very smooth, and soon we will see the second installment of Army of the Dead on Netflix.

Army of the dead 2 Release Date

Now that we know the status of an Anime series coming soon, along with the prequel of Army of the dead, the hopes for the sequel have increased. However, the news of a sequel coming on Netflix is not confirmed by Netflix yet. If you have watched Army of the dead properly, you must have realized that there are many chances of a sequel coming. But because there is no official announcement yet, we would not confirm the release date or give you any false hopes about Army of the dead 2 coming, but we cannot say that it is not coming either.

No confirmation about Army of the dead 2 by Netflix has been sad news for all the fans. However, Zack Synder has given all those and a ray of hope. In an interview, Synder has confirmed that he would return for a sequel if Netflix agrees to make it, but those discussions have not taken place, he added. “If there was ever a desire for another movie I am knocking on wood,” said Synder. “I am happy to do it and I know exactly what happened after this,” added Shay Army of the dead co-screenwriter.

Army of the dead 2 cast: Who can we expect?

Guessing by the end of Army of the Dead 1, we are sure that we will not see many characters again as in the end, there were very few survivors. However, if you expect some recognized faces, they would be Omari Hardwick, Ella Purnell, Matthias Schweighofer, and Hiroyuki Sanada in their original roles.

Army of the Dead 2 Story: What can we expect?

Unlike other zombie movies, Army of the Dead ends where not everyone turns up dead or becomes a zombie. We saw not many characters ending alive. Kate, who was played by Ella Purnell (Scott’s daughter), makes it out alive with just enough money to start a new life. Along with her, Vanderohe also managed to survive along with three big bags of cash. We saw him eloping on a plane to start a new life in Mexico. As he was healing his wound, it had revealed that he had got bitten by Zeus, the Alpha Zombie.

Now that Vanderohe is on the verge of turning undead, the question is if he would be a regular zombie, an alpha Zombie-like Zeus or somehow manage to retain his humanity.

This unclear and confusing setup of the movie suggests that there will be an Army of the Dead 2. We are guessing that part 2 of the film would focus on Vanderohe turning into a zombie and Kate moving ahead with her life.


Sticking to the plot, there will undoubtedly be another zombie apocalypse in Mexico since Vanderohe is reaching there.

 Whatever happens, we are going to get thrilled, excited & goosebumps for sure.

Army of the dead 2 trailer

As for now, there is no trailer for Army of the Dead 2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Army of the Dead a sequel of Dawn of the Dead?

Technically, Dawn of the Dead is called a prequel to Army of the Dead.

Is Army of dead on Netflix?


What is the Army of Dead 2 release date?

There is no official release date yet.

How long is the Army of the Dead?

2h 28m running time.

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