As Trevor Reed’s Health Deteriorates, the Family of the Imprisoned Marine Veteran Is Calling for His Release

Trevor Reed is a US citizen held in custody in Russia. The parents of this detained student said on Thursday that his health has started to deteriorate further, and they are afraid that he will be held in detention rather than receiving medical attention.

As per a statement from Joey and Paula Reed, Reed has been held in custody since 2019 and was sentenced to 9 years in prison. He told his parents over  a call that he “is vomiting blood numerous times a day, having symptoms of fever, and still having pain in his lung.”

“We believe he is suffering from tuberculosis. He also makes the claim to have a ruptured rib after something dropped on him, and he’s being underfed to make the matter worse “they stated: “It’s difficult to convey our worries after listening to his voice on Thursday,” his parents said.

“We were told Trevor would have been sent back to the prison ‘hospital’ by  Friday,” his parents said, but “he had been resurrected to the prison disciplinary ‘commission,’ so we fear officials will send him back to solitary confinement instead.”

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Parents of a Previous US Marine In Custody in Russia say his health has deteriorated

His parents said that they were able to tell their son that they had discussed his case with Vice President Joe Biden and that they are anxiously waiting to hear from the President made a promise.”

Trevor Reed
Trevor Reed

“Trevor is feeling more and more left behind,” their statement said. “It’s heart-wrenching for us to listen to that from our son, for whom we are so proud of,” Biden called Paula and Joey Reed shortly after driving past them in his motorcade in Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday.

Biden called the Reeds “to clarify his commitment to do everything in his power to bring their son home, and to stay in close contact with them through his national security team, and find a time to meet in person,” as per a White House official.

Worries about his face, as well as all the faces of detained Americans Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner, have grown as Russia’s war with Ukraine has escalated tensions with the US. On Thursday, Elizabeth Whelan decided to tell CNN’s “New Day” that her brother is “very  courageous and very strong,” but that the situations in the prison camps are “terrible,” and that “Paul is sustaining his health at great cost.”

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Whelan was arrested and sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2018. “The family has several sleepless nights worrying as to what is really going to happen,” Elizabeth Whelan said. She also added that she didn’t know how the Russian war in Ukraine would affect her brother’s case.

“We certainly believe that the sanctions imposed on Russia are a vehicle that could help Paul return home,” she said. Elizabeth Whelan expressed “deepest sympathy” for WNBA player Brittney Griner, who was recently arrested in Russia on suspicion of drug possession.

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