Ashika Island Release Date: Major Advantage Warzone 2 Ashika Island Has Over Rebirth

Players that utilize Resurgence as a practice mode for battle royale, a mode for leveling weapons, or as their only chosen game type may continue to miss Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep for a very long time. However, things are about to alter in the Call of Duty universe.

After each death, their teammate’s Resurgence timer starts counting down, and they can’t respawn until that timer reaches zero. Resurgence is returning to the Warzone series with its debut in Warzone 2. Ashika Island, the name of the upcoming map, has been leaked ahead of its formal unveiling. This article discusses the latest Warzone 2 map, Resurgence.

Ashika Island Release Date

Ashika Island Release Date
Ashika Island Release Date

The release date for Warzone 2’s newest Resurgence map, Ashika Island, is set for February 15. There were hints of a tac map release on January 30 before it was officially released on January 31. Additional information on the map and Season 2 of Warzone 2 is expected to be posted to the blog on February 8.

On January 31, Activision released many teaser images of the map, which depict a beautiful setting with gloomy skies, cherry blossom trees, and a castle in the middle of the area.

The map features a part of the underground canal, as well as other buildings and open spaces for players to investigate and pursue foes. Resurgence’s tropical 40-player lobbies look like a lot of fun.

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Warzone 2 Ashika Island resurgence Map Revealed

Players anticipating a return to the kind of play seen in Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep from Warzone 1 will be pleased to learn that Ashika Island is the next resurgence map coming to Warzone 2. What we know about it is as follows.

After Caldera replaced Verdansk as the main battle royale map in Warzone 1, Rebirth Island became incredibly popular. However, the map wasn’t embraced with the same enthusiasm as the previous map.

Then, in Warzone 1’s waning months, they released Fortune’s Keep, which, while not as popular as Rebirth, still attracted its share of gamers who desired faster-paced BR action in a more compact area.

JGOD Reveals Major Advantage Warzone 2 Ashika Island Has Over Rebirth

Because of the faster speed of play and the ability to respawn after death, Resurgence quickly became a fan-favorite option in the original Warzone. This was partly due to the success of the Rebirth Island map.

Now, the devs have confirmed that Resurgence will be making its reappearance in Warzone 2, with the brand-new Ashika Island map being shown ahead of its release in the Season 2 update.

Following our first glimpse at Ashika Island on January 31, Warzone 2 expert JGOD shared his opinion on the new map and pointed out one key advantage it might have over the popular Rebirth Island.

He posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he praised the map’s beauty and explained why the developers chose to give it cloudy weather rather than a bright summer sky.

“Overall, interesting color choices. It is a little darker and gloomier which is not necessarily what I’d like,” JGOD stated. The color should be more consistent and bold so that it stands out, as we saw towards the conclusion of Rebirth.

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