At the End of July, Secret Service Director Murray Will Step Down

Director of the United States Secret Service James Murray, who has served in this capacity under both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, has announced his retirement, effective July 30.

After 27 years with the Secret Service, Murray became its director in April 2019. News agencies have learned from a reliable source that after his retirement, he will take a position with a technology firm as the head of global security.

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Secret Service Director Murray Will Resign In July

The statement released by the Bidens on Thursday thanked Murray for his service and praised his “long and distinguished career in federal and military service for three decades.”

“Jim embodies the meaning of service over self, and protected the families of U.S. Presidents like they were part of his own. We are incredibly grateful for his service to our country and our family,” the Bidens said.

Secret Service Director Murray
Secret Service Director Murray

This comes after allegations of an altercation between a Secret Service agent and Trump on January 6, 2021, and the role played by Tony Ornato, who was on temporary detail as Trump’s deputy chief of staff for operations.

Ornato, now the assistant director of training at the agency, reportedly told former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who testified before the House select committee last month, that Trump became angry when he learned that his detail leader, Bobby Engel, would not take him to the US Capitol.

After Trump’s speech on the Ellipse sparked the subsequent Capitol riot uprising, they headed back to the White House.

Engel and Ornato have not publicly responded to Hutchinson’s testimony. A Secret Service agent had previously said that both Engel and Ornato denied telling Hutchinson that Trump had grabbed the steering wheel or lunged at an agent. That Trump had instructed his agents to drive him to the Capitol was not disputed by the official.

According to some sources, Murray’s retirement has been planned for months and has nothing to do with the recent testimony or the investigation by the House committee.

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