Atlantic City Electric Expands EV Support, To Open More Public Charging Stations

Atlantic City Electric took another big step today in its efforts to deal with climate change, proposing new programs and services that are anticipated to expand access to clean electric transportation choices across South Jersey.

In a filing with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, the company drafted its plans to broaden electric car charging infrastructure, offer rebates and particular charges for residents and companies, and help electrify public transportation.

The brand new offer expands on an initial program introduced last year to reflect new targets laid out in the state’s Draft Energy Master Plan and to assist the growing EV market better.

Earlier this year, Atlantic City Electric Area President Gary Stockbridge defined the company’s role in achieving a clean energy future.

He explained how the corporate’s modern power grid would serve as a reliable, widespread platform. Also, connect prospects to more energy services and technologies, including EVs, that can enhance their lives and create more sustainable, vibrant communities.

As EVs grow to be more accessible, electric charging in New Jersey is projected to grow power consumption by 30% by 2035. Growing demand for EVs requires more charging infrastructure and improvements to the state’s electric infrastructure.

Atlantic City Electric’s new services are planned to broaden needed public electric charging options and assist the corporate in understanding customers’ charging requirements and behaviors, so it will support future deployment of electric automobile infrastructure and avoid doubtlessly pricey infrastructure gaps in the local power grid.


Margaret Peterson

Margaret is an automobile engineer with a passion for E-vehicles as well as E-gadgets. Leading a team of two trainee journalists, Margaret also helps the organization with operational duties. She is a voracious reader as well as a keen observer of developing e-tech.

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