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Former Advanced Technologies Group head of strategy and fourth employee at Uber, Austin Geidt oversaw the company’s efforts to secure contracts with the Department of Corrections. Geidt, fresh from college at the University of California, joined Uber in 2010. In the email, she asked for a presentation request from the company’s former CEO, Ryan Graves.

Austin’s knowledge of the procedure clearly served the company well, as she was quickly hired as the first official marketing intern. During her time as an intern, she was responsible for marketing.

She quickly became a valued member of the team and was given increasing responsibilities, including oversight of driver operations and acting as New York‘s interim manager.

Geidt was a key figure in Uber’s global expansion, overseeing the company’s introduction in a wide variety of cities including Paris, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and Melbourne.

To facilitate the expansion of the ride-sharing app into more than 300 new markets, Austin formed a “launch” team. She researched the industry and the business plans of similar ridesharing apps. In 2016, she was in charge of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, which was involved in the company’s efforts related to autonomous vehicles.

To commemorate the 2019 IPO of Uber, Austin rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange alongside the company’s CEO. Within 16 years, she worked for three different chief executive officers. After eleven years with Uber, Geidt announced her departure in 2020. She began her service from the ground up, rising to the position of strategy for the Advanced Technologies Group.

austin geidt net worth
austin geidt net worth

Net Worth

As of now, Austin Geidt has not shared information about her net worth with any online media outlets. It is estimated, however, that she made millions of dollars while employed by Uber Inc.

A former marketing intern, Geidt assumed the role of strategic head of the Advanced Technologies Group in 2016. In time, she rose to prominence as Silicon Valley’s most powerful female executive.

In 2015, her extraordinary career was featured in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women issue. From struggling with drugs to working for Uber, she has come a long way. Austin has maintained his impact on the company even as it has expanded and gone through several leadership transitions. There was no obstacle she couldn’t overcome on her way to becoming a dominant figure in her era.

Career Earnings

Austin Geidt’s high salary is a direct result of his successful tenure as ATG’s strategic head. In her early career days, she worked as a marketing intern. Among her many accomplishments is a major advancement in self-driving car technology. On the day of Uber’s initial public offering (IPO), May 10, 2019, Geidt rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.


Austin Geidt has not yet made a move about his salary. Some estimates put her annual income between $800,000 and $1 million. Glassdoor reports that Uber pays its interns a starting annual salary of $89,483. This data, however, has not been confirmed.

Personal Life

Austin Geidt is a native American. Nonetheless, she has been secretive about sharing her birth date on any online media outlets. She disclosed her struggles with chronic drug abuse during her time as a university student. Upon reaching the age of 25, Austin received his degree from the University of California.

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