Away Season 2: Is it Confirmed Officially or Cancelled?

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing this amazing show which will grab your attention and will make you completely fall in love with it. As we all know science fiction has become the most popular genre of Netflix in recent times and all the audience are looking forward to more such genres.

Due to this particular genre’s popularity, all the people are waiting for such new stories to be released. The entire collection of such a collection of Netflix has a lot of shows which have performed beyond anyone’s expectations and thus Netflix is back with one more season of our all-time favorite show which is Away.

After the first season was released we got a lot of expectations from the second season and everyone was very much eager to know when the show would be back with the second season. With such a craziness we were sure that this show was going to be released real soon and we have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming show which is the release date of season 2 of Away.

Away Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show was first released on 4th September 2020. The show contained a total of 10 episodes and the entire episode was released on that particular day. This series was very much appreciated by the audience and exceeded the expectations of the makers.

Away was listed in the top 10 records of Netflix all over the world. With such a huge success, fans were most likely to be expecting the second season of the show. However, unfortunately, Netflix had some other plans and the renewal of the show has been canceled in October 2020. 

This news has taken everyone into shock as fans were very confused about the cancellation of the show. Even after the show had performed extremely well this show got canceled unexpectedly and we are still wondering why that happened. 

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Why Did Away Season 2 Got Canceled?

Even Netflix has not commented on the reason for cancellation as all the fans have different theories on why the cancellation was done. The first reason is that the show is a lot expensive and it would have cost a lot more for Netflix to produce each scene. Netflix had invested more than any other shows in this particular show and it had cost them a fortune. Even if the show went a complete hit the expenses were way too much to be handled.

The second reason can be that due to this pandemic various shows had been affected and had faced cancellation as such. Even if the production was approved the shooting for this show had to go through various safety protocols and it would have been a lot inconvenient for all the cast and crew of the show.

As the show was a lot expensive and shifting it for more months would have cost Netflix a lot more. It was only logical for Netflix to close the showdown. Lastly, even though the show was Netflix original it has been created by NBC universal il has all the rights of Netflix. This also means that under certain terms NBC Universal had all right to take the show under their control. Thus it was a fair decision as per the theories for Netflix to shut down the show.

Away Season 2
Away Season 2

Will Season 2 of Away Be Back?

The executive producer of the show has shared that they always had planned the show for a total of three seasons and still have that plan and mind. It is possible for the makers to renew the show any time in the future however for now it has been canceled.

Also if the show is being renewed once again it definitely would be through Netflix and it will be done by any other platforms. If any update is shared by the makers we will update the column for you. So do not forget to keep checking our column for all such amazing updates.

Away Season 2 Expected Cast

 We are expecting that the cast of 1st Season will be back if the second season comes into action. The first season included Emma Green by Hilary Swank, Matt Logan by Josh Charles, Lu Wang by Vivian Wu, Misha Popov by Mark Ivanir, Kwesi Weisberg-Abban by Ato Essandoh, Ram Arya by Ray Panthaki, Alexis Logan by Talitha Bateman, and other cast members as well. If the series is renewed then we are expecting this cast to be back for the show.

Away Season 2 Expected Plot

The main story is about a crewed campaign to Mars. A worldwide group must be selected where people all over the world including a Chinese physicist, A British botanist, a Russian cosmonaut, an Indian clinic officer, and a medical administrator will be joining the mission.

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This group must be going on a three-year mission from the moon to mars. The leader of the team would be Emma Green and the entire group must have difficulties in believing that she could lead them in this mission. If a second season was going to be back then it would have begun from the point that the group must have arrived on Mars and they would be following all the work needed to be done on Mars.

As their main motive was to check if humans can live on Mars or not. The series is all about how mankind can survive on Mars and many more things. There are a lot of things to learn in this entire series and it is a must-watch if you haven’t watched it yet. This series is full of interesting facts and you will just completely love it.

Away Season 2 Trailer

As this series has been canceled there is no such update about this trailer yet but if the series is renewed we will update our column for you and also add all the details you need to know. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and character

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