Back to the Outback: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Are you a fan of animation packed with dramedy? If yes, Back to the Outback is going to be a good option for you. Back to the Outback is a wonderful addition to Netflix’s family-friendly entertainment. It is easy to see why animated movies have always focused on cute animals. Reifying a creature allows children and adults to connect with it while delivering universally appealing stories and bridge cultural barriers. It previously worked for a variety of features in the range.

The family fun film “Back to the Outback,” which will be available on Netflix, also fits into this category. Back to the Outback is a computer-animated musical epic movie directed by Clare Knight and Harry Cripps and based on a script by Cripps and a narrative by Gregory Lessans and Cripps.

The upcoming movie, Back to the Outback features an escape of Australia’s most dangerous beasts. They flee to the Outback from their Zoo. They are fed up with being confined to the reptile house. Humans feel themselves to be monsters as a result of this. The story sounds pretty interesting which already took the heart of the trailer. Now, the only wait is for the final watch. Of Course, we can enjoy it soon, as it is going to be out this fall. Let us check all the details of this interesting story of the quadrupled below.

Back to the Outback: Release Date

We finally got the date. Back to the Outback will premiere on Netflix on December 10 at 12:10 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET. So, you might have to set alarms for that because of the odd timings. However, it will surely take you to the world of fantasy in return. Deadline reported an autumn 2021 release date for the family-friendly animated feature when it was revealed in November 2020. This 2020 release date provided audiences a little more than a year between announcement and launch. But, it is good that finally, we got the premiere date.

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From a financial standpoint, a December release date for a picture like “Back to the Outback” stands to reason. Though family films can be released at any time of year, studios have found that releasing them in the summer and during the holiday season is a tried-and-true strategy. With “Back to the Outback” set to arrive on Netflix in the fall, the streaming service is likely depending on families to watch this all together.

Back to the Outback: Plot

“Back to the Outback” is a story that both adults and children will enjoy. According to a Netflix press statement (via Deadline), the film follows a varied cast of characters, such as an Isla Fisher-led snake, Miranda Tapsell-led lizard, Guy Pearce-led spider, and a scorpion-led scorpion (Angus Imrie).

Back to the Outback
Back to the Outback

The story of a group of Australia’s most dangerous creatures and their attempt to flee the zoo where they are currently housed. The four are fed up with their lifestyles in confinement, as they are confined to an Australian zoo’s reptile house. They want to return to the bush, where they belong, rather than the zoo, in which they are constantly scrutinized by humans. Because the zookeeper is on their tail, they will have to journey across Australia in their spirit of freedom.

The animal’s band together to flee and continue their journey to their native environment in Australia’s Outback, hence the film’s title. They become stranded with their antagonist, a lovely koala (Tim Minchin), and are hunted by a zookeeper all along the way. Overall, the story sounds pretty interesting, so is the trailer. So you should not miss this adventurous fun family watch.

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Back to the Outback: Cast

The official voice cast list goes like Isla Fisher will play Maddie, who is a kind-hearted snake.

Another one we have, Tim Minchin as Tom who is an adorable though obnoxious koala.

As a zookeeper, we will meet Eric Bana as Chaz, Guy Pearce as Frank, a lovelorn furry spider, Miranda Tapsell plays Zoe, a confident thorny devil, Jackie, a croc, is played by Jacki Weaver, Jacinta, a shark, is played by Rachel House, Kayla, a koala, is played by Celeste Barber, Phil, a platypus, is played by Wayne Knight, Nigel, a delicate scorpion, is played by Angus Imrie, Doug, a cane toad, is played by Keith Urban, Legs, a redback spider, is played by Aislin, Derbez, Chaz’s adventure-seeking companion is Diesel La Torraca and Lachlan Ross Power in the role of a Tasmanian devil

Back to the Outback: Trailer

Back to the Outback has received its first official teaser trailer, which features the protagonist. In the teaser, the audience gets a glimpse of enchanting characters. It also specifies the premiere date of December 10.

The preview does not reveal any actual footage from the film, instead choosing to introduce a few of the animal characters who will appear in it by showcasing animals dancing to a song. You can check the teaser here. The movie’s adorable trailer shows our main animal companions having fun together. For more updates on your favorite stories, keep following us here.

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