Backwards 3: Intelligible way to type it

Backwards 3 symbols

This is the most popular trend of these days. This symbol is being used to make Ɛ> (heart) emoji on most of the social media websites. It is being used to express love for something. As it is hot trending, you may want to follow the trend and use it to express your love over social media.

You must be wondering how to make this symbol backward 3. But let me tell you, it is actually E which is made as Ɛ. You might be searching for the keyboard shortcut to write Ɛ. But let me mention one thing: there is no straightforward key on the keyboard or shortcut to draw it. You can simply copy from here and paste it wherever you want to paste. If you are still looking for a permanent solution to this, let me elaborate on a few steps to follow to draw it.

How to type it in the window

There is no such key on the keyboard to type it directly to your message, as I have mentioned above. Still, there is a way out for it, which you can follow to make Backward 3 Symbol as Ɛ in your social media post without copy-pasting from anywhere over the internet.

How to type backwards 3 in windows Steps to follow: –

  1. First of all, you need to open the word document and type “0190” in the blank document. 
  2. Then press the ALT key along with the X key simultaneously.
  3. Woohoo! There you go, now the backward 3 symbols Ɛ is typed on the screen.
  4. Now you can copy, paste it on any medium to type and message your loved one.

Another method is to open a word document and select text naming Arial or Times New Roman. After that, click on the Insert tab on top of the document. Then click on symbols and scroll up and down to find the similar symbol to backward 3 or Ɛ. There you go, and you will be able to type it, and you can easily use it while typing any of the messages to express your love. 

Backwards 3: how to type it in Mac

Suppose you have a MAC operating system and are looking for some tricks to follow to make backward 3 symbols. Then let me share a trick with you, that can work for the MAC operating system. You should follow the steps listed below: – 

How to type backwards 3 in Mac Steps to follow: –

  1. You need to open google docs on your system. 
  2. Click on the Insert tab on top of the docx.
  3. Then click on the special symbol option, and a new window will pop in front of your screen.
  4. Now you need to search for the backward 3 symbols from the huge list of available symbols, and you will be able to type it on your screen. And you can use it.

how to type it in Android

Ah! Well, there is no way in the android phone keyword to type this backward three symbol, i.e., Ɛ. You can simply copy it from anywhere over the internet and paste it to use in your message to show your love.

how to type it in iPhone

The only way to type it is while using your Windows or Mac operating system. Otherwise, you just have to copy and paste it to use it while typing your message for your loved ones to express your feeling or writing lovey-dovey messages.

What is the use of this

In today’s modern technological world, it is being used to make a heart symbol while using along with > as Ɛ>. 

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Final words

I have mentioned a few ways which you can use to make a backward 3 symbol as Ɛ, or you can call it E in a different style. You can use the method mentioned above, and I am sure that you won’t face any issue while using it. However, you can get back to us anytime if you face any kind of issue.

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