Massachusetts Woman Found Dead in Recycling Bin Under Back Porch of Her Duplex

Barbara Novaes Death news is something everyone is shocked to hear and owing to Barbara Noveas Death, everyone is in a state of fear.

Barbara Novaes Death Cause Is Yet to be Identified

The body of a woman from Massachusetts was discovered in a recycling bin this week. Investigators have not yet identified any suspects in the case. In the midst of an acrimonious split from her husband, 61-year-old Barbara Hovey Novaes of Medford, Massachusetts, died. The news of Barbara Novaes Death has left people in a state of fear.

Her son, an adult, and she shared a two-family home in Massachusetts, according to a story from WCVB on Friday. According to police, he last saw her on Sunday, May 22 at around 4:30 p.m. It appeared to him that she was going to a nail salon. But when he awoke the next morning, authorities said he couldn’t find her. On Monday morning, he phoned the police at around 6:40 a.m., according to police. When I arrived home, I noticed the front door had been left unlocked. Barbara’s automobile was still parked nearby. There are no signs of her whereabouts, according to her son. Shortly after the search began, it ended in tragedy. The body of a woman was found in a recycling bin under the back porch by a police officer.

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Barbara Novaes death cause is currently unknown. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan reportedly stated that there was no visible evidence of trauma on her body.

Barbara Novaes Death
Barbara Novaes Death

“We are awaiting toxicology reports and that’s going to be a while, so that’s where we are right now with that,” she added. Locals were quite complimentary about Novaes. Rev. Carol Morehead of Grace Episcopal Church, a friend, recalled that she taught Sunday school.

There was no nasty remark uttered by Morehead, according to him. “Extremely generous and giving, jovial, and considerate of others. When she was here, she worked hard for social justice.

“She was very loving and caring to my family, especially my daughter Caroline whom she formed a special bond with over the years,” Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria said, according to NBC Boston. “We all mourn her tragic loss at this time and pray that her family finds the strength to endure this terrible time.” Until recently, Novaes had been employed at the Everett Co-operative Bank in Everett, a town not far from Medford.

Apparently, on May 9, she sought an injunction against her spouse. There were repeated visits to her home on May 6 after he had been drinking, according to documentation acquired by WCVB Allegedly, he would not leave. As she put it, “the conversation became much more emotional as he refused to accept my decision.” She said she asked him to leave and that she could not speak to him after he was drinking. “I remained in my bedroom with a locked door,” she wrote.

There was a suicide threat, according to the police, and they were called to the house twice on November 16, 2021. Officers were called to the location on February 8, 2022, to investigate an identity-fraud complaint. They showed there on April 21st in response to a report of a disturbance. No one has been identified by police. NBC’s request for comment from Novaes’ family was denied.

The Barbara Novaes Death probe is still ongoing. Cops want to talk to anyone they know who was in the Emery Street neighborhood between Sunday night and early Monday morning. A video of Emery Street and Winthrop Street is also required. The Medford Police Department’s phone number is (781) 395-1212.

Barbara Novaes Applied for Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband Before her Death

61-year-old Barbara Novaes’ body was discovered in a recycling bin outside her Medford home on Monday. Court documents show that earlier this month, she attempted to obtain a restraining order against her estranged husband. It had become apparent that she and her spouse were divorcing. Before a judge could provide his approval, Novaes had withdrawn the order he had filed on May 9 of this year. Police said that her husband made three attempts at reconciliation Friday, May 6, but she locked herself in her bedroom.

In the morning, she phoned the police and ordered him to stay away, and he ignored her. His return later in the afternoon, however, as evidenced by court documents, only served to inflame his frustrations further. Investigators also revealed on Tuesday that Medford Police had responded to disturbance complaints at Novaes’ home multiple times in the previous seven months, according to their findings.

Novaes’ son and daughter last saw her around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, when she was supposed to get her nails done. When Novaes’ friend, Kevin Slama, spoke highly of her, he termed her an “amazing woman” and said that she is very disheartened to hear the news of Barbara Novaes Death.

“She would always come and say hi, always cared about what was going on in your life. Amazing woman. My mom passed away and she was always there. She came to the wake,” Slama said. “I could never imagine someone like her being hurt in this way. When I went to the bank to drop flowers off at the bank, there were people crying.”

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